E. J. Pratt Wild Poems

  • 1.
    Now it was clear to every Shade
    That some great wonder was before them,
    As Tom upon the palisade
    Emptied, as fast as Lulu bore them,
  • 2.

    A half-point Nor'ard from the West,
    A bluish-tinted spot of light,
  • 3.
    ‘The witches' device for the equitable distribution
    of the liquor consisted in the construction
    of tens of thousands of stopcocks and bungs
    which were fitted into the perforations of the
  • 4.
    Dawn from the Foretop! Dawn from the Barrel!
    A scurry of feet with a roar overhead;
    The master-watch wildly pointing to Northward,
    Where the herd in front of The Eagle was spread!
  • 5.
    Now when, beneath the riotous drinking,
    The witches found the liquor sinking
    So low their ladles couldn't reach it,
    The blacksmith with a blazing larynx
  • 6.
    For one carved instant as they flew,
    The language had no simile-
    Silver, crystal, ivory
    Were tarnished. Etched upon the horizon blue,
  • 7.
    To make a perfect fish menu,
    The witches found they had to place
    Upon this alcoholic base
    Great stacks of food and spices too.
  • 8.
    Here the tides flow,
    And here they ebb;
    Not with that dull, unsinewed tread of waters
    Held under bonds to move
  • 9.
    Comes not the springtime here,
    Though the snowdrop came,
    And the time of the cowslip is near,
    For a yellow flame
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