A blanket of darkness everywhere!
Civilization, society, love ,
Faith and religion
All are on the threshold of crisis.
My heart revolts
And says something different
The mysterious journey of time spreads
An enigmatic essence of evolution.
The lizard on the wall,
Hoots of the owl on the banana tree,
The colourful giant sky
Aren’t they the witness of eternal time?
The soul, incarnation and re-birth
All are in crisis of thought.
Weeping civilization asks again and again
But never an answer anywhere
All are spellbound,
Tough responsibility on the
Shoulder innocent generation

Unknown countless time,
A new social panorama
Reddish songs of life,
Joyous poetical notes,
A colourful dreams of love.
With Indomitable spirit of revolution
It’s indeed a journey!
A mysterious journey of eternal time.