Hi gentleman!
I am bored
Bored of talking to silence
Throughout the years
Now I want to talk
I want to talk
Of my reddish burned heart
Sitting with you in cacophony
And to listen to the twittering Of morning Birds.
I will drown in the uproar
Slowly and slowly
The cracking dreadful sound
Of night insects will vanish in cacophony.
Hi gentleman!
Do you like to talk to me
And to share me
the untold tale of your rosy heart?
The beam of divine pleasure
will knock the closed
Door of my heart.
I do feel you will like it
I am exited
As I have been playing with silence since long
I am now throwing my loneliness
My aloneness for you only
My heart is filled with cacophony
Only the sweet beat of cacophony
Cacophony of a dream
A bit of light
And some beliefs of life.