Let me sing for you,
A song of love that only your ears can hear.
Where the melody pulls on strings
Deeply rooted within

I have seen my future in your soul.
Peering through the Windows that harbours
Endless emotions
The smiles of unborn children
The joyful laughter of the same.

I have touched the hallowed halls
The temple that burns with love
For only me
Just for us.

I've spent the night in your embrace
I trembled as you reached deep within me
You opened the pathways to emotions
That once laid dormant and unexplored.

Let me cry for you
Sending raptures of joy through a tear stained face
As our hearts melt into one single beat
I cry for you.

When I die for you
Bliss will fill me hereafter
For what once was searching
Has found the purpose in
You who is meant to be.