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tchevalier10: Even Trump Can’t Make Sense of His Own Dark-Money Maze

DeanObeidallah: Daily Reminder: It's been 499 days since Donald Trump's Jan 6 white supremacist terrorist attack yet Trump still has not been charged--and worse, he's traveling the country spewing the same lies that radicalized people to attack our Capitol on Jan 6.

ToombsToni: Donald Trump didn't purchase crack/meth pipes for the public I miss Donald Trump

RawStory: Trump growing gun shy about endorsements as his losses pile up: report

Christo21305651: Biden harris and Kamala Harris opening up boarders in Mexico and every another states before Donald Trump coming back let you know bring your keys battleground states useful.

Donna54220777: ‘The perfect target’: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years – ex-KGB spy | Donald Trump | The Guardian

MeidasTouch: Donald Trump suggested in a White House meeting that Michigan’s top election official Jocelyn Benson should be arrested for treason and executed for not overturning the results of the 2020 election.

srauer20: ‘Laughable’: Morning Joe mocks reports showing Trump’s unhappy with GOP candidate’s work ethic

nursegal74: ‘Laughable’: Morning Joe mocks reports showing Trump’s unhappy with GOP candidate’s work ethic

nursegal74: Trump growing gun shy about endorsements as his losses pile up: report

TomIsrael11: Quite the list here.....

koosemar: ‘As one of his advisers put it: "This is not how he expected this to go. If Oz loses, it puts him in an awkward spot because he absolutely trashed McCormick at his rally and pissed off quite a few allies who never thought he should have endorsed Oz."’

robreiner: George W. Bush finally admitted the brutal invasion of Iraq was unjustified.(Based on a Lie) America can’t wait 19 years for Donald Trump to admit the brutal invasion of our Capitol was based on a lie. Democracy would be long gone by then. Time to Indict and save the Republic.

malik_in_dc: Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman tied to have Jordan's king overthrown Jordan King Abdullah II said his half-brother's emissaries had collaborated with two foreign regimes for a "regime change" in Jordan.

TheUSASingers: Marco Rubio is a lying gaslighting lickspittle sycophant. There is no more spineless pathetic wretch in the entire GOP. He’s a fake Christian. A shill for the NRA. A servant of Donald Trump. What a disgusting floppy traitor. That filthy goon is an embarrassment to humanity.

tribelaw: “As many distinguished economists have noted, the repeal of most or all of Donald Trump’s tariffs would be the single most effective way of reducing inflation in the near future.”

kyledcheney: NEW: In an overnight court filing, John EASTMAN provided new insight into Donald Trump's direct involvement in the legal effort to overturn the 2020 election — from phone calls to handwritten notes. Eastman says he had 'six conduits" to Trump as well.

NickAdamsinUSA: Donald Trump’s America is better than Joe Biden’s America and it’s NOT close.

Daytobehappy: Today is May 20th and Donald John Trump is the real president of the United States with real followers!

TheOfficerTatum: Elon Musk, welcome to conservatism! This is what Donald Trump and others went through when they dared to stand on their convictions.

CraigDMauger: Then-Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, a top Republican lawmaker, privately told then-President Donald Trump there was no "mass fraud with the voting machines" in Antrim County, according to the new book "This Will Not Pass."

NewaiGreen: I am ready!! Trump Just Launched a New Book He Calls 'Depressing' - Donald Claims He's Going to Set 'Crime of the Century' Straight

JASmius: How many times do I have to say it: Donald Trump is the greatest asset the Democrat Party has.

CollinsWetzel: Donald Trump is likely the most "Corrupt President" to sit in the "Oval Office".

washingtonpost: Fifty years ago, George Wallace was winning Democratic presidential primaries. Wallace tapped a current of grievance and barely muffled racism that would later propel the rise of another combative populist: Donald Trump.

DrRickyLJones: Consider this: - Fox News Channel, b. 1996 - Tucker Carlson, b. 1969 - Donald Trump, b. 1946 - Current version of the Republican Party, b. and evolved mid-20th Century - American institutional racism and white supremacy, b. 1619, reached maturity in 1776. Still going strong!

WinningTeamPub: NEW BOOK ALERT: CRIME OF THE CENTURY by President Donald J. Trump! More details coming soon at

ChuckCallesto: DONALD J TRUMP: "The Fake News Media is having a really hard time saying that MAGA, and Trump, didn’t have anything but a spectacular evening of voting & winning. Hold on, the best is yet to come!..."

Keith_Simonian: Donald Trump ALWAYS supports the biggest Trump asskisser in the race. Who votes for that?

GreggMo21403727: Lol, tRumps failures galore!

augieray: In 2021 research, the biggest corporate social or political driver of net-positive purchases was an anti-racist stand, and of net-negative purchases was support for former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Why people buycott or boycott:

MorningConsult: 38% of independents want Donald Trump's Twitter ban to remain in place, while 37% say the ban was always the wrong move and another 10% say it was right at the time, but should now be rescinded.

sdwahine78: Jessica Chastain Plays Surprise Role as Maryanne Trump, Donald Trump’s Sister, in ‘Armageddon Time’

RpsAgainstTrump: BOOM. Bill Barr is in active discussions with the Jan. 6 committee to appear for an interview, Axios is reporting. Will he spill the beans on Donald Trump?

Lancegooden: I miss President Donald J. Trump’s gas prices.

PaulCogan: OPINION: The DOJ has brought a superseding criminal indictment against Donald Trump’s Middle East money man, Tom Barrack. These new DOJ charges accuse Barrack and Manafort of having essentially committed espionage on behalf of UAE.

LeeCamp: George W. Bush - war criminal, killed thousands. Donald Trump - war criminal, killed thousands. Barack Obama - war criminal, killed thousands. Joe Biden - war criminal, killed thousands. Bill Clinton - war criminal, killed thousands. Any questions? It's not that complicated.

NickAdamsinUSA: If Donald Trump is the MAGA King then Joe Biden is the DEMENTIA King.

BHOOLZ: Two years ago today, when Donald Trump was president, gas nationally was $1.87 per gallon. Look it up.

WashTimes: House Republicans introduced a resolution Wednesday to expunge the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

telleemore: So, according to the Durham report the whole Russia-Trump Collusion was hoax. It was all a lie. For nearly four years these evil maniacs threw the kitchen sink at Donald Trump. And the media was all in on it. THE BIG LIE!!!

dcexaminer: A member of Congress raised eyebrows Sunday after she used her commencement address at George Washington Law School to criticize one of the school's professors for cautioning against the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

mtracey: A few days after the war started, Dr. Oz went on Hannity's show and agreed that US/NATO should launch a "covert operation" to directly bomb Russian forces in Ukraine. This is the individual that Donald Trump, after careful consideration, decided must be the next Senator from PA

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Donald Trump calls for his endorsed PA Senate candidate Dr. Oz to “declare victory” even though votes are still being counted in the neck-and-neck race because it will make it “harder” for his opponent to “cheat.” RT IF YOU THINK THAT TRUMP HATES DEMOCRACY!

joncoopertweets: BREAKING: Donald Trump whined about his social media app Truth social not having an Android app, reportedly asking, “is Google trying to f*ck me?" His app is a DISASTER and I'm here for it.

TheResisterHQ: Donald Trump is a terrorist.

bulletin_ex: Oklahoma State Senator Seeks President Donald J. Trump Day

washingtonpost: Yevgeny Vindman, a former White House adviser, “was the subject of unfavorable personnel actions” after raising alarm about President Donald Trump’s actions toward Ukraine, the Defense Department's inspector general determined.

nytimes: News Analysis: Republican voters in this week’s primaries showed a willingness to nominate candidates who parrot Donald Trump’s election lies, making clear that the November midterm races may well affect the fate of free and fair elections in the country.

Weinsteinlaw: We should spend some time talking about the fact that Donald Trump gave his “complete and total endorsement” to Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, who today was the only member of congress to vote against a bill to condemn antisemitism.

Quicklitning: Twitter account that shared every message Donald Trump posted on Truth Social has been suspended, at the same time as the former president's spokeswoman Liz Harrington made a dramatic exit from the platform.

CREWcrew: Here's the thing you need to understand about sending weapons to Ukraine: Donald Trump illegally withheld them in an attempt to shake down Zelensky and every Republican but Mitt Romney voted to give him a pass

nowthisnews: Dr. Anthony Fauci says he will not return to the White House as chief medical adviser if Donald Trump wins the 2024 election.

MauriceMichael: DOJ brings new criminal indictment against key Donald Trump ally

kfor: Oklahoma State Senator seeks President Donald J. Trump Day

VippusaO: Colorado's Lauren Boebert met with then-President Donald Trump’s White House officials before the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, while they discussed what options the vice president had when faced with certifying the 2020 election, a high-level aide said.

coffeeownsme: “Because there’s nothing more impressive than being called smart by a man who stared directly at an eclipse.” — STEPHEN COLBERT, referring to Dr. Oz’s touting his endorsement from Donald Trump.

VoteBlue24: Donald Trump was the worst disaster ever to hit the United States of America. President Biden has been trying to clean up the mess since day one, including Trump’s USMCA which prohibits the amount of dairy and baby formula exported from Canada to the United States.

nytimes: A group trying to hold lawyers accountable for their efforts to keep Donald Trump in power after his 2020 election loss filed a complaint against Senator Ted Cruz with the Texas bar association.

WalshFreedom: Just an FYI: Any Republican who calls Doug Mastriano “too extreme” must also call Donald Trump too extreme.

RpsAgainstTrump: Unbelievable. Republicans in Congress are pushing a resolution that aims to "erase" Donald Trump’s second impeachment. Elise Stefanik announced her support for this resolution. These people should not be in control of Congress.

PiperK: I blame Donald Trump for January 6th. He's ruined so many lives.

CpmObia: He may be “the richest person in the world”; but he comes across as a very insecure man, in the mould of Donald Trump.

judgeyourself99: If I was Donald Trump jr, I would be looking into countries that haven’t got an extradition treaty with America

TexasTribune: A group of lawyers want the State Bar of Texas to investigate Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz for his role in trying to undermine the 2020 presidential election results.

DougHeye: When Obama endorses long lists of candidates, there aren't endless stories about whether those candidates win and "what it says about the party." We treat Donald Trump differently than any other politician (which he wants), then complain that the rules don't apply to him. Hmm...

themaxburns: It feels in May 2022 that our democracy is under siege on more fronts than it was when Donald Trump was still the sitting president -- something that should disabuse anyone of the notion that the Biden presidency is a back-to-brunch "return to normal." It's getting worse.

MotherJones: Trump has said he won't go back to Twitter. He's also not exactly known for keeping his promises.

newsmax: TRUMP: "Here we go again" in Pennsylvania.

LeighCBrandt: Buying a Tesla is like committing to financing Donald Trump's 2024 election campaign, and other Republican campaigns. Want to help turn the Congress Red in 2022? Buy a Tesla.

zhangxinyan2021: Donald Trump's border wall? Large numbers of migrants cross the us-Mexico border into the United States, and there is a 500-meter-long underground smuggling tunnel. American Netizens: This is an invasion.

nycjim: Donald Trump’s endorsement falls flat as Rep. Madison Cawthorne loses GOP primary … and his seat in Congress.

PostOpinions: The Houston episode illustrates the alarming implications of President Donald Trump’s campaign to undermine the legitimacy of the 2020 election and deny his loss, the Editorial Board writes:

NomikiKonst: Honestly if a combination of two very famous people: Dr. Oz & Donald Trump, can’t win you a primary - a populist primary in a vital state - maybe your movement isn’t that strong

MJHughes5: I believe Donald Trump gave racist and white supremacists the OK because when he came on the scene the first thing he done was ban Muslims attack Mexicans he always gave that little white supremacy sign with his hands I think he is why our country is in terrible shape right now

pbpost: Steve Wynn, who contributed $100,000 to Gov. Ron DeSantis' reelection campaign, is being accused by the U.S. Justice Department of acting as an unregistered foreign agent for China and lobbying former President Donald Trump on the country's behalf.

DeanObeidallah: I can NOT wait until Donald Trump claims there was voter fraud in Pennsylvania which is why Dr. Oz is struggling

AustraliaRus: Let’s “Vote “Donald J

TheGaryPSmith: Schools shouldn't be allowed to investigate themselves, any more than the Military should. Biden Admin Plans To Roll Back Trump-Era Free Speech Protections In Education

peterdaou: Donald Trump lives rent-free in liberal brains.

rdrhwke: The View is nothing but a collection of mindless hags. Every single one of them wish they looked as good as Melania. It's really petty they trash her just because they dislike Donald. But they have to bring her down to make themselves feel superior. Nope.

vicenquintero: Donald Trump being woke for a day or two.

jeremynewberger: So Donald Trump's midas touch is working about as well as his Truth Social.

iWeStayUnited: “What is it you most dislike? Stupidity, especially in its nastiest forms of racism and superstition.” Christopher Hitchens the ''Sadly, the overwhelming amount of violent crime in our major cities is committed by blacks and hispanics and must be discussed'' - Donald Trump.

RyanMacRealty: Contrary to various public misconceptions, Mar-a-Lago -the exclusive Atlantic oceanfront resort that frequently served as former President Donald Trump's "Winter White House"-didn't make Palm Beach, Florida's lavish real estate and

newsmax: Donald Trump: Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming is "worse than any Democrat."

joncoopertweets: The only guy who had an even worse night than Madison Cawthorn is Donald Trump.

shanlonwu: Does Merrick Garland owe America an answer about Donald Trump? My take on the Attorney General's silence.

45in24orB4: Today is May 18, 2022 and President Donald J. Trump is still the only legitimate President of the US.

kathrynresister: Honest questions... Why do you think Donald Trump has so much influence over the Republican Party? I mean, he's stupid, doesn't read, lies, cheats, steals every chance he can get. Is this what attracts his followers? Seriously?

MadisonSiriusXM: Madison Cawthorn is just one. I want everyone associated with Donald Trump's racist ignorant hatred and lies out of public life. Bye Felicia.

GunnelsWarren: AIPAC: Spreads lies that Summer Lee is "not a Democrat" Also AIPAC: We endorse Elise "The Democratic Party is the party of illegals, criminals & Communist Truth Ministers" Stefanik & 100 REPUBLICANS who refused to certify that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump. Total hypocrisy.

Reuters: The U.S. Justice Department sued Steve Wynn, the former CEO of Wynn Resorts, accusing him of acting as a Chinese agent and lobbying then-President Donald Trump at Beijing's behest in 2017

nytimes: In the first lawsuit of its kind, two real Electoral College delegates in Wisconsin are seeking damages from 10 fake ones who tried to help Donald Trump in 2020 overturn his defeat in the state.

WalshFreedom: To every Republican out there tonight skittish about Doug Mastriano: There is NO difference between Doug Mastriano and Donald Trump. NONE.

lado_mx: Donald Trump:

BillinPortland: 5 years ago this week. Holy sh*t. ---> NATO Asks World Leaders to Play Dumb So Trump Will Understand Them

TalbertSwan: I support the Great Replacement. Replace Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, Kyle Rittenhouse, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Candace Owens, Vernon Jones, Herschel Walker, Mitch McConnell, Sean Hannity, every white supremacist and all of their Black buck dancing sycophants.

BonnieTowner: Donald Trump Is Back On Twitter

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