An Old Life Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Snow fell in the nightA
At five fifteen I woke to a bluishB
mounded softness whereC
the Honda was Cat fed and coffee madeD
I broomed snow off the carE
and drove to the Kearsarge Mini MartF
before Amy openedG
to yank my Globe out of the bundleH
Back I set my cup of coffeeI
beside Jane still half asleepJ
murmuring stuporousK
thanks in the aquamarine morningL
Then I sat in my blue chairC
with blueberry bagels and strongM
black coffee reading newsK
the obits the comics and the sportsK
Carrying my cup twenty feetN
I sat myself at the deskO
for this day's lifelongM
engagement with the one task and desireP

Donald Hall


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