Unrest Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A fierce unrest seethes at the coreA
Of all existing thingsB
It was the eager wish to soarA
That gave the gods their wingsB
From what flat wastes of cosmic slimeC
And stung by what quick fireD
Sunward the restless races climbC
Men risen out of mireE
There throbs through all the worlds that areF
This heart beat hot and strongG
And shaken systems star by starF
Awake and glow in songG
But for the urge of this unrestH
These joyous spheres were muteI
But for the rebel in his breastH
Had man remained a bruteI
When baffled lips demanded speechJ
Speech trembled into birthK
One day the lyric word shall reachJ
From earth to laughing earthK
When man's dim eyes demanded lightL
The light he sought was bornM
His wish a Titan scaled the heightL
And flung him back the mornM
From deed to dream from dream to deedN
From daring hope to hopeO
The restless wish the instant needN
Still lashed him up the slopeO
I sing no governed firmamentN
Cold ordered regularD
I sing the stinging discontentN
That leaps from star to starF

Don Marquis


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