The Seeker Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The creeds he wrought of dream and thoughtA
Fall from him at the touch of lifeB
His old gods fail him in the strifeB
Withdrawn the heavens he soughtA
Vanished the miracles that ledC
The cloud at noon the flame at nightD
The vision that he wing'd and spedC
Falls backward baffled from the heightD
Yet in the wreck of these he standsE
Upheld by something grim and strongF
Some stubborn instinct lifts a songF
And nerves him heart and handsE
He does not dare to call it hopeG
It is not aught that seeks rewardH
Nor faith that up some sunward slopeG
Runs aureoled to meet its lordH
It touches something elder farI
Than faith or creed or thought in manJ
It was ere yet these lived and ranJ
Like light from star to starI
It touches that stark primal needK
That from unpeopled voids and vastL
Fashioned the first crude childish creedK
And still shall fashion till the lastL
For one word is the tale of menM
They fling their icons to the sodN
And having trampled down a godN
They seek a god againM
Stripped of his creeds inheritedO
Bereft of all his sires held trueP
Amid the wreck of visions deadC
He thrills at touch of visions newP
He wings another Dream for flightD
He seeks beyond the outmost dawnQ
A god he set there and anonQ
Drags that god from the heightD
But aye from ruined faiths and oldR
That droop and die fall bruised seedsS
And when new flowers and faiths unfoldR
They're lovelier flowers they're kindlier creedsS

Don Marquis


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