Paladins, Paladins, Youth Noble-hearted Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Galahads Galahads Percivals gallopA
Bayards to the saddle the clangorous trumpetsB
Hoarse with their ecstasy call to the mellayC
Paladins Paladins Rolands flame heartedD
Olivers Olivers follow the buglesE
Girt with the glory and glamor of powerF
Error sits throned in the high place of justiceG
Paladins Paladins youth noble heartedD
Saddle and spear for the battle flags beckonH
Thrust the keen steel through the throat of the liarF
Star or San Grael that illumines thy pathwayI
Follow it follow that far IdealC
Thine not the guerdon to gain it or grasp itJ
Soul of thee passing ascendeth unto itJ
Augmenting its brightness for them that come afterF
Heed then the call of the trumpets the trumpetsB
Hoarse with the fervor the frenzy of battleC
Paladins Paladins saddle to saddleC
Bide not abide not God's bugles are callingK
Thrust the sharp sword through the heart of the liarF

Don Marquis


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