A Plan Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Youth is the season of revolt at twenty fiveA
We curse the reigning politiciansB
Wondering that any man aliveA
Stands for such damnable conditionsB
Whatever is to us is wrongC
In economics life religion artD
The crowned old laureates of songC
Are pikers and accepted sagesE
Appear devoid of intellect and heartD
Continually the ego in us ragesE
Our sense of universal rank injusticeF
Swells till it's like to bust usG
We love to see ourselves as outcast goatsH
Browsing at basement tobbledotesH
The while we forge the mordant boltI
That is to give society its joltI
And any man who wears two eyes upon his faceH
Contentedly and unashamedJ
And glories in the poseH
And makes a virtue of his having just one noseH
We curse as dull conventional and tamedJ
And commonplaceH
Thirty finds us a trigle sobered with a doubtK
Whether we'll turn the cosmos inside outK
Reform the earth regild the moonL
And make the Pleiads sing a modern tuneL
Some of the classics are not bores we thinkM
And barbers have their usesH
We grow more choice in what we eat and drinkM
Less angry at abusesH
We work a little harder want more payN
Grab on to better jobsH
And learn to make excusesH
For certain individuals erstwhile condemned as snobsH
We do not worry nine hours every dayN
because the world in its traditional crool wayN
Continues to roll calmly on and crushO
The worthier myriads into bloody mushO
And yet at thirty on the wholeP
If analyzed we still would show a trace of soulP
At forty well you knowQ
Chins bank accounts and stomachs start to growQ
The world's still wrong in spite of all we've triedR
To do for it and we're no longer broken heartedS
We sit on it and rideR
We're willing now to let the darned thing slideR
Along in just about the way it statedS
Of course we're anxious for reformsH
And all that sort of stuffT
Unless they cause too many economic stormsH
But really on the whole it's well enoughT
We hold by standards rules and normsH
But when I'm eighty I intendU
To turn a fool again for twenty years or soQ
Go back to being twenty fiveA
Drop cautions and conventions join some little groupV
Fantastically rebel and aliveA
And resolute from soupV
To nuts I'll reimburse myselfW
For all the freak stuff that I've had to keep upon the shelfW
Indulge my crochets be the friend of manX
And pull the thoughts I've always had to canX
I'm looking forward to a rough rebellous unrespectable old ageY
Kicking the world uphillZ
With laughter shrillZ
And squeals of high pitched throaty rageY

Don Marquis


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