Denise Levertov Poems

  • 51.  
    The Rav
    of Northern White Russia declined,in his youth, to learn the
  • 52.  
    High, hollowed in green
    above the rocks of reasonlies the crater lake
  • 53.  
    That dog with daisies for eyes
    who flashes forthflame of his very self at every bark
  • 54.  
    All others talked as if
    talk were a dance. Clodhopper I, with clumsy feet
  • 55.  
    Rose Red's hair is brown as fur
    and shines in firelight as she preparessupper of honey and apples, curds and whey,
  • 56.  
    The fire in leaf and grass
    so green it seemseach summer the last summer.
  • 57.  
    Elves are no smaller
    than men, and walkas men do, in this world,
  • 58.  
    The cat is eating the roses:
    that's the way he is.Don't stop him, don't stop
  • 59.  
    Two girls discover
    the secret of lifein a sudden line of
  • 60.  
    Though the road turn at last
    to deathâ??s ordinary door, and we knock there, ready
  • 61.  
    Hypocrite women, how seldom we speak
    of our own doubts, while dubiously we mother man in his doubt!
  • 62.  
    White dawn. Stillness.When the rippling began
          &nbs p;   I took it for sea-wind, coming to our valley with rumors      &nb sp;   of salt, of treeless horizons. But the white fog
  • 63.  
    imagination of peace, to oust the intense, familiarimagination of disaster. Peace, not only
  • 64.  
    As the stores close, a winter light
    opens air to iris blue, glint of frost through the smoke
  • 65.  
    The clouds as I see them, rising
    urgently, roseate in the mounting of somber power
  • 66.  
    Bricks of the wall,
    so much older than the house - taken I think from a farm pulled down
  • 67.  
    From the tawny light
    from the rainy nightsfrom the imagination finding
  • 68.  
    Turn from that road's beguiling ease; return
    to your hunger's turret. Enter, climb the stairchill with disuse, where the croaking toad of time
  • 69.  
    I thought I was growing wings—
    it was a cocoon.
  • 70.  
    Long after you have swung back
    away from meI think you are still with me:
  • 71.  
    This is the year the old ones,
    the old great onesleave us alone on the road.
  • 72.  
    I like to find
    what's not foundat once, but lies
Total 72 poems written by Denise Levertov

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