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PoetNotRockStar: “A dream ago, perhaps.” — Denise Levertov

Ouicho: Beautiful are the feet of the swallow folded unseen past the mountain. - Denise Levertov

BatshitCrazy69: And on our lips the blood of berries before we kiss, Denise Levertov, Candles in Babylon

wetherby2019: Denise Levertov's poem is about the Vietnam war but it has a resonance of the tragedy beyond understanding in Northern Syria.

FelwaAlhudaithy: "My dreams are gone off to hunt yours." Denise Levertov, from Poems: 1960 - 1967; “A Ring of Changes”

FelwaAlhudaithy: "I believed the moonlight could change me if it would." Denise Levertov, from Breathing the Water: Poems; “The Well,” c. 1987

Heroin_Chic_Mag: "To speak of sorrow works upon it moves it from its crouched place barring the way to and from the soul's hall." —Denise Levertov

FelwaAlhudaithy: "I believed the moonlight could change me if it would." Denise Levertov, from Breathing the Water: Poems; “The Well,” c. 1987

MurphHimself: Fans of Denise Levertov will love the richly varied essays in our new book: This Need to Dance; This Need to Kneel...Chaps by Mary Gordon, Kevin Burke, Al Gelpi, Chi Elliot, Ang O’Donnell, yrs Truly. Spread the word if you’re inclined.

Image_Journal: Poet Marilyn Nelson, "an openhanded citizen of the nation of writers," is this year's recipient of the Denise Levertov Award. Please join us in Seattle on 11/07 as we celebrate her literary achievements. This event is free + open to public.

CoreySparks: O Lares, don't leave. The house yawns like a bear. Guard its profound dreams for us, that it return to us when we return. -Denise Levertov, from "Invocation"

DavidNyro: For anyone who's so-called 'love' left because they followed their dream, their passion work. That a woman not ask a man to leave meaningful work to follow her That a man not ask a woman to leave meaningful work to follow him... (Read the rest:)

op109: Denise Levertov Should Be More Famous | Literary Hub

dzarzain: "I would be met and meet you so, In a green airy space, not locked in." - Denise Levertov, About Marriage.

viola_von: " The minds of people,the minds of trees equally remote." Denise Levertov - This Great Unknowing;From B. -

poetrytarot: “Wear scarlet! Tear the green lemons off the tree! I don't want to forget who I am, what has burned in me, and hang limp and clean, an empty dress—” ―Denise Levertov What courage can we reclaim when we loosen ourselves from patterns of second-guessing the power of our dreams?

annaverbee: The woods from brook to where the top of the hill looks over the fog, send up not one bird. So absolute, it is no other than happiness itself, a breathing too quiet to hear. - Denise Levertov

DavidDark: "I have almost given up using the word 'organic' since it has been taken up by the shampoo manufacturers." Denise Levertov

SejalS04: Two girls discover the secret of life in a sudden line of poetry. "The Secret"

Cam_Rogers: 1. Talking to Grief - Denise Levertov Ah, Grief, I should not treat you like a homeless dog who comes to the back door for a crust, for a meatless bone. I should trust you. I should coax you into the house and give you your own corner, a worn mat to lie on, your own water dish.

Rina33947892: "And on our lips the blood of berries before we kiss,” - Denise Levertov ♡♡

TomDEvelyn: FINAL The Asymmetry of Form with a Poem by Denise Levertov

bhar0: Finally snagged a copy of Denise Levertov's "A Poet in the World".

TomDEvelyn: The Asymmetry of Form with a Poem by Denise Levertov

rabihalameddine: This was the poem of the day four years ago: Epilogue by Denise Levertov

KelliAgodon: I thought I was growing wings—it was a cocoon. Denise Levertov from “Seeing for a Moment” I think this is one of my favorite lines ever written. I think about it all the time. Here's the full poem:

savbre: Denise Levertov, To The Snake

somequotesbot: "I like the juicy stem of grass that growswithin the coarser leaf folded round,and the butteryellow glowin the narrow flute from which the morning-gloryopens blue and cool on a hot morning." - Denise Levertov

RebbeZev: Every day, every day, I hear enough to fill a year of nights with wondering. –Denise Levertov

Goldylions: I used to stand at the Davis Square T-stop and read the words carved in the floor, a poem by Denise Levertov. Not to have. Not to have, but to be The black heart of the poppy. Oh to lie there as seed, To become the beloved. As the world ends, to enter The last note of its music.

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Thomas Hood Poem
The Forsaken
 by Thomas Hood

The dead are in their silent graves,
And the dew is cold above,
And the living weep and sigh,
Over dust that once was love.
Once I only wept the dead,
But now the living cause my pain:
How couldst thou steal me from my tears,
To leave me to my tears again?

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