Delta Flight 659 Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


to Sean PennA
I'm writing this on a plane Sean PennA
with my black Pilot Razor ballpoint penA
Ever since I'm a nervous flyer I leave my PentiumB
Processor in Florida so TSA can't x ray my stanzas penetrateC
my persona Maybe this should be in iambic pentameterD
rather than this mock sestina each line ending in a PennA
variant I convinced myself the ticket to Baghdad was too expensiveE
I contemplated going as a human shield I read in openF
mouthed shock that your trip there was a expenditureD
Is that true I watched you on Larry King Live his suspendersG
and tie your open collar You saw the war's impendingH
mess My husband gambled on my penumbraD
of doubt So you station yourself at a food silo in Iraq What happensI
to me if you get blown up He begged me to stay home be his PenelopeJ
I sit alone in coach but last night I sat with four poets dependingH
on one another as readers in a Pittsburgh caf I tried to be your penA
pal in not because of your pensiveE
bad boy looks but because of a poem you'd pennedK
that appeared in an issue of Frank I still see the poet in you Sean PennA
You probably think fans like me are your penanceL
for your popularity your star bulging into a pentagonM
filled with witchy wanna bes and pennilessN
poets who waddle toward your icy peninsulaD
of glamour like so many menacing penguinsI
But honest I come in peace Sean PennA
writing on my plane ride home I want no part of your penthouseO
or the snowy slopes of your AspenF
I won't stalk you like the swirling grime cloud over Pig PenA
I have no script or stupendousN
novel I want you to option I even like your wife Robin Wright PennA
I only want to keep myself busy on this flight to tell you of four pennyJ
loafered poets in PennsylvaniaD
who last night chomping on primavera penneD
pasta pondered poetry celebrity Iraq the penitentiaryJ
of free speech And how I reminded everyone that Sean PennD
once wrote a poem I peer out the window caress my lucky pendantP
Look Sean Penn the clouds are drawn with charcoal pencilsQ
The sky is opening like a child's first stab at penmanshipJ
The sun begins to ripen orange then deepenD

Denise Duhamel


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