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Denise Duhamel (born 1961 in Woonsocket, Rhode Island) is an American poet.

Background Duhamel received her B.F.A. from Emerson College and her M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College. She is a New York Foundation for the Arts recipient and has been resident poet at Bucknell University. She has had residencies at Yaddo and the MacDowell Colony.

Duhamel's earliest books take a feminist slant, beginning with Smile (1993) and Girl Soldier (1996); The Woman with Two Vaginas (1995) explores Eskimo folklore from the same perspective. Her best selling and most popular book to date, Kinky (1997), marries her bent for satire, humor, and feminism in portraying an icon of popular culture, the Barbie doll, through an extended series of satirica...
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Denise Duhamel Poems

  • Ego
    I just didn't get it-
    even with the teacher holding an orange (the earth) in one hand
    and a lemon (the moon) in the other,
    her favorite student (the sun) standing behind her with a flashlight....
  • Delta Flight 659
    -to Sean Penn

    I'm writing this on a plane, Sean Penn,
    with my black Pilot Razor ballpoint pen....
  • Snow White's Acne
    At first she was sure it was just a bit of dried strawberry juice,
    or a fleck of her mother's red nail polish that had flaked off
    when she'd patted her daughter to sleep the night before.
    But as she scrubbed, Snow felt a bump, something festering...
  • Exquisite Candidate
    I can promise you this: food in the White House
    will change! No more granola, only fried eggs
    flipped the way we like them. And ham ham ham!
    Americans need ham! Nothing airy like debate for me!...
  • Crater Face
    is what we called her. The story was
    that her father had thrown Drano at her
    which was probably true, given the way she slouched
    through fifth grade, afraid of the world, recess...
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