Growing legs from from no where
We begin our night tussle again
Drawing the me inside,
Into the world unknown.
Nightfall drum rolls
And the bed must bear the weight of two bodies.

This Eve is not one when we turn our heads against the wall,
My pains you must you must identity
My weakness you ought patch
Unidentified Manliness; prove it
Hurriedly be ready.

The moon dances seductively out her hut
Who will tell her today is not her's
Even the Co-wives and gecko retire to bed
I have polished my skin with Camwood.
Let the night begin.

The tussle of a new jargon
With padding pudgy legs
Be designed today
Into my corridor, move with unidentified Manliness.
Be swift like the thunder that comes twice
Our sags intertwined with sweats and love strokes.
Be I the one to strip you of that bold untangled aura,
Into my realm you sway with unidentified Manliness.