He came without an invitation
Lying under the stairs
As if waiting for my permission
Was scared and cold the first time I took him in hand.

Became a member of our family
A bowl became his house
Staying in it sleeping inside my hand
Fighting against the cold.

Everyone around came to play
Being near him, a little scared
The cutest and only pet I had
Now became a toy for other hands...

We brought him his new house
Green in colour;
A house with rods and a bell on top
He played with it every day.

Hardly came out and then one day.

The cage was open and he jumped our
Without me knowing went around
I opened the door without seeing
There he lay without a squeak.

The door took him away from me
For years and years and no more see
I miss him, wish to kiss him and move my hand around his hair.

Because of me he layer there
Breathe less, motion less with blood around his mouth.

Timble my squirrel is no more with me now
But I promise you, you will always be
In my heart
For as long as I live
And please forgive me for what I did.