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  • Head, Perhaps Of An Angel
    limestone, with traces of polychrony, c. 1250

    Point Dume was the point,
    he said, but we never came close,...
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Rajoyceucb: —debora greger, “a woman on the dump”
Agnimagazine: my soul, why are you still seventeen and drifting like a dog after dark, dragging a shadow you’ve found? ~from "west of the soul" by debora greger agni online
Poemakontsa: a poem by debora greger after a painting of hopper of a man seated in a bed. the man on the bed if the heart is a house it is also the darkness around it.
Yalereview: "the wrong bells rang through the late fall, falling on fake snow spread over green lawn in fresno. carols caught in the throats of loudspeakers nailed to cedars along the street." from debora greger's "the killer whale of christmas":
Rajoyceucb: —debora greger, “the right whale in iowa”
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Wearing again the garments of the flesh,
So, upon that celestial chariot,
A hundred rose
ad vocem tanti senis
Ministers and messengers of life eternal.

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