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  • Whippoorwill
    The night Silas Broughton died
    neighbors at his bedside heard
    a dirge rising from high limbs
    in the nearby woods, and thought...
  • The Skeleton In The Dogwood
    (Watauga County, 1895)

    Two lovers out walking found
    more than spring's promised blessing...
  • The Price
    Knee deep in the Watauga's
    rock leaping whitewater,
    my brother loses his balance,
    his life if our father...
  • The Men Who Raised The Dead
    If they had hair it was gray,
    the backs of their hands wormy
    currents of blue veins, old men
    the undertaker believed...
  • The Exchange
    Between Wytheville, Virginia
    and the North Carolina line,
    he meets a wagon headed
    where he's been, seated beside...
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Schuck_nic: reading some ron rash. weird it’s my first time. been recommended for years and never got around to it
Consuelam8: god principles... sowing, reaping, and there is rash judging and presumption plus other nefarious plots... is ron a pawn, a red herring? too many hands in the pot... i say: pray to god very much; fast and pray for our president, our country ❤️
Cccti: the watauga campus gathered for a book club discussion of the novel serena by ron rash, our featured author in this year's writer's symposium. the final event: mountains and memory, a reading by ron rash at 7pm, march 30 at the je broyhill civic center. (photos by kelsey dukes)
Agirlandaghost: crossing thursday off my to-do list. i wish you all well and i wish for ron desantis, an itchy, oozing antibiotic-resistant rash.
Cccti: writers symposium activities continued tuesday on the caldwell campus with a book club discussion of serena, written by this year’s featured author, ron rash. the next book club discussion will be on the watauga campus thursday, march 23 from 12pm to 1pm in w460.
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