Fits And Befits Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Ten rolling fingersA
Few bold and straightB
Rest not assuredC
With faith and fateB
One foot frontD
The other behindE
Life's a chaseF
Of stag and hindE
Defeaning earsG
The shooting starsH
Mending endsI
Fateful bendsI
Fallen AngelsJ
Fortune's tanglesJ
Bootless criesK
Listless triesK
Allures and conjuresA
The destined starsH
Upwards downL
The oblong turnsM
World weary facesN
With heads and heartsO
Folds and scaffoldsP
Of star ridden pathsQ
Follow the North StarR
The better guideS
The tip of icebergT
And the visible WhiteU
The butt end of cigaretteV
And the half burnt dayW
The chapter closesX
With the ash ridden trayW

Debjani Chatterjee
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/14/2019


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