I was insulted because I was poor,
They look down on me because my family is poor,
They even baptise me with insult because I was poor,
They never gave me a chance to express myself because I was poor.

Poverty tarnished my identity in my community,
Poverty insulted my personality,
I was denied of my family property,
I was not even allowed to speak in a family gathering because of my poverty.

They said am stinking,
They said am smelling,
They said my poverty is affecting my thinking,
All this were there saying.

Oh! I was not valued because I had no money,
My family people even called me a dunny,
This is not funny,
I was promised a great destiny,
Which I will live in in harmony,
But now I am living in agony.

Oh! My food is even soaking me,
My clothes are mocking me,
What people were saying was killing me,
Even my dreams were hunting me,
Oh! Money is laughing at me,
Even death rejected me,
Poverty why are you doing this to me.

I was called a bastard,
Because I look so tattered,
Their words left me shattered,
But they never bothered,
Rather they were unto me like a badgered.

But now the climax of my life has happened like that in a drama,
I now have money to the extent I even bought a homa,
I am driving everyday with my papsi and my mama,

Before I can't even afford tea neither bama,
But now am drinking tea with butter and bama,
Now they are saying am even richer than Barack Obama.

Written by Davidson perfect Jim