David Mckee Wright Mind Poems

  • 1.
    Forget not yet the tried intent
    Of such a truth as I have meant;
    My great travail so gladly spent,
    Forget not yet.
  • 2.
    I came up to-night to the station, the tramp had been longish and cold,
    My swag ain't too heavy to carry, but then I begin to get old.
    I came through this way to the diggings -- how long will that be ago now?
    Thirty years! how the country has altered, and miles of it under the plough,
  • 3.
    Whoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind,
    But as for me, hélas, I may no more.
    The vain travail hath wearied me so sore,
    I am of them that farthest cometh behind.
  • 4.
    What needeth these threnning words and wasted wind?
    All this cannot make me restore my prey.
    To rob your good, iwis, is not my mind,
    Nor causeless your fair hand did I display.
  • 5.
    Since so ye please to hear me plain,
    And that ye do rejoice my smart,
    Me list no lenger to remain
    To such as be so overthwart.
  • 6.
    My mother's maids, when they did sew and spin,
    They sang sometime a song of the field mouse,
    That, for because her livelood was but thin,

  • 7.
    What should I say,
    Since faith is dead,
    And truth away
    From you is fled?
  • 8.
    The heart and service to you proffer'd
    With right good will full honestly,
    Refuse it not, since it is offer'd,
    But take it to you gentlely.
  • 9.
    Is it possible
    That so high debate,
    So sharp, so sore, and of such rate,
    Should end so soon and was begun so late?
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