Who is David Mckee Wright

David McKee Wright (6 August 1869 – 5 February 1928) was an Irish-born poet and journalist, active in New Zealand and Australia.

Early life

Wright was born at Ballynaskeagh, County Down, Ireland, the second son of Rev. William Wright, D.D. (1837-1899), a Congregational missionary working in Damascus, scholar and author, and his wife Ann (d.1877), née McKee, daughter of the Rev. David McKee, an educationist and author.

David Wright was born while his parents were home on furlough and was left with a grandmother (Rebecca McKee) until he was seven years old.

Wright was educated at the local Glascar School and then from 1876 in England at Mr Pope's School and the Crystal Palace School of Engineering, London.

New Zealand

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David Mckee Wright Poems

  • And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus?
    And wilt thou leave me thus?
    Say nay, say nay, for shame,
    To save thee from the blame
    Of all my grief and grame; ...
  • Forget Not Yet The Tried Intent
    Forget not yet the tried intent
    Of such a truth as I have meant;
    My great travail so gladly spent,
    Forget not yet. ...
  • Old Mates
    I came up to-night to the station, the tramp had been longish and cold,
    My swag ain't too heavy to carry, but then I begin to get old.
    I came through this way to the diggings -- how long will that be ago now?
    Thirty years! how the country has altered, and miles of it under the plough, ...
  • Whoso List To Hunt, I Know Where Is An Hind
    Whoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind,
    But as for me, hélas, I may no more.
    The vain travail hath wearied me so sore,
    I am of them that farthest cometh behind. ...
  • What Needeth These Threnning Words And Wasted Wind?
    What needeth these threnning words and wasted wind?
    All this cannot make me restore my prey.
    To rob your good, iwis, is not my mind,
    Nor causeless your fair hand did I display. ...
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Cclperkins: vale april hersey (1924-2020), writer and daughter of writers zora cross and david mckee wright
Bmgazette: april maeve hersey was born on the 4th of april 1924 to poets david mckee-wright and zora cross, the second of the couple's two children. the accomplished novelist and journalist passed away this year after a life lived in her beloved blue mountains.
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