Giorno Dei Morti Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Along the avenue of cypressesA
All in their scarlet cloaks and surplicesA
Of linen go the chanting choristersA
The priests in gold and black the villagersA
And all along the path to the cemeteryB
The round dark heads of men crowd silentlyB
And black scarved faces of womenfolk wistfullyB
Watch at the banner of death and the mysteryB
And at the foot of a grave a father standsA
With sunken head and forgotten folded handsA
And at the foot of a grave a mother kneelsA
With pale shut face nor either hears nor feelsA
The coming of the chanting choristersA
Between the avenue of cypressesA
The silence of the many villagersA
The candle flames beside the surplicesA

David Herbert Lawrence


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