A Passing Bell Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Mournfully to and fro to and fro the trees are wavingA
What did you say my dearB
The rain bruised leaves are suddenly shaken as a childC
Asleep still shakes in the clutch of a sobD
Yes my love I hearE
One lonely bell one only the storm tossed afternoon is bravingA
Why not let it ringA
The roses lean down when they hear it the tender mildC
Flowers of the bleeding heart fall to the throbD
It is such a little thingA
A wet bird walks on the lawn call to the boy to come and lookF
Yes it is over nowG
Call to him out of the silence call him to seeH
The starling shaking its head as it walks in the grassI
Ah who knows howG
He cannot see it I can never show it him how it shookF
Don t disturb him darlingA
Its head as it walked I can never call him to meH
Never he is not whatever shall come to passI
No look at the wet starlingA

David Herbert Lawrence


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