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fbpe_h: As an act of charity, perhaps Eton could protect us from its less impressive products This is all about Eton. It needs to close. It’s toxic

virginiabrown8: As an act of charity, perhaps Eton could protect us from its less impressive products | Catherine Bennett

pataidenmusic: David Cameron has a lot to answer for. His governments austerity in a growth period kept interest rates low which allowed the massive climb in house prices. His referendum caused us to leave the eu. But none of it would have been ossible without Nick Clegg

JohnDalton6011: When combined with the staggering failures of David Cameron and Boris Johnson, they conveyed one overwhelming message: the threat from this school is enough to justify some targeted form of vetting. It was ignored and the result is Kwasi Kwarteng.

TimesBusiness: In the second of an exclusive three-part series the authors of a new book on McKinsey, reveal how the group worked its way to the heart of David Cameron’s reforms of the NHS

docrussjackson: In 2016, Johnson's friend David Cameron stood down as PM, so Johnson gave him the use of his £2,650-a-week Chelsea house, & Cameron accordingly declared a benefit of more than £37,000 in the register of MPs' interests. In 2017, Johnson was appointed a CBE "for political service".

SzpilmanStinson: not sure how and why i bumped into David Cameron's driving license on Murree Road, Rawalpindi

KateMaltby: The last time I recall a Tory leader using the phrase ‘We get it’, it was David Cameron spitting the words out in shock after the most significant Commons defeat of his premiership, on proposed airstrikes in Syria. It is not a soundbite with associations of political strength.

notgavin: Fwiw, the last two have been nightmares but I do think it's all down to David Cameron. If he took the referendum on the EU seriously I don't think think any of the subsequent issues would have happened (bar COVID)

spikedonline: What is the point of the Conservative Party? David Cameron hollowed it out. And then Boris Johnson squandered the opportunity of Brexit. It now stands for nothing and speaks for no one, says Tim Black

rammers02: I think a lot of our current car crash politics can be traced to a single tipping point via David Cameron and one stupid vote that has wreaked havoc ever since.

newsbrooke: The advancement of elite men by elite men IS the scandal of our time. Whether it’s Eton or other groups, the outcome is similarly damaging for society.

GrumpybaldProf: As an act of charity, perhaps Eton could protect us from its less impressive products | Catherine Bennett

bailey_toby: Perhaps, as an act of charity, all Etonian Alumni should be banned from not only public office, but from engaging in any form of employment ?

pikesley_ebooks: Loading episodes onto the Tube this morning, proudly built by : what if I can spot an arsehole a mile off” : David Cameron. Friday’s ancient

MIkef45: As an act of charity, perhaps Eton could protect us from its less impressive products | Catherine Bennett

richard_king: This all started with David Cameron dressing up as The Stig for Jeremy Clarkson’s birthday party.

YoungScotsUnion: David Cameron managed to hold together a coalition government when he inherited an absolute mess from Labour. He doesn’t get enough credit for this.

edinnews: As an act of charity, perhaps Eton could protect us from its less impressive products | Catherine Bennett

mattprescott: Other people that POLITICAL PARTIES would be wise to consider avoiding include KING'S SCHOLARS (see Boris JOHNSON and Kwasi KWARTENG) from ETON COLLEGE and members of the BULLINGDON CLUB from OXFORD UNIVERSITY (see David CAMERON, Boris JOHNSON and George OSBOURNE amongst others)

FernMossnTwig: In 2012 it was reported that he maintained personal contact with the then Prime Minister David Cameron. ICAP and Spencer have made £4.6m in donations to the party although Spencer was critical of the May government's business policies;

WattsWilma: As an act of charity, perhaps Eton could protect us from its less impressive products | Catherine Bennett | The Guardian

Gaz_E: This all started with David Cameron and his Brexit vanity gamble.

Bastiaanklerk: Wonder if David Cameron and Theresa May found Johnson too loyal?

ProfDaveAndress: Just reflect, if David Cameron hadn't got cocky after shafting Alex Salmond in 2014, he'd never have believed he could shaft the Eurosceptics in 2015 by promising a referendum, and none, NONE, of this would be happening. The Great Spam-Faced Twat theory of history...

mikemajlak: just got to say hi to em and dre at the david blaine premiere in vegas. ngl might be the only time i ever been struck like that.

danielmgmoylan: This reallly hits the nail on the head: What Really Went Wrong in Britain - WSJ

posterchildfor: While popular with the weasel milk scene, David Cameron will become the poster child for scrambled tofu.

kennardmatt: In July 2015—the month Jeremy Corbyn became a serious contender in the Labour leadership race—Guardian editor Katharine Viner and her executive editor Jonathan Freedland/political editor Patrick Wintour went to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron for a "general discussion"

hathyogi31: 2. Gifting Bhagavad Gita & artistry- PM Modi has toured several countries During the visits, PM Modi has given memorable gifts to the leaders which represented the culture and artistry of India. Like he has gifted Bhagavad Gita to Obama, Shinzo Abe, David Cameron etc.

TimForb26711072: Britain’s Tories squandered their reputation for competent, free-market economic management. They now find that it’s hard to win back at precisely the moment they and the country need it most.

WSJopinion: Britain’s Tories squandered their reputation for competent, free-market economic management. They now find that it’s hard to win back at precisely the moment they and the country need it most.

UnderscoreGav: For a second, think how hard Boris Johnson must be laughing at Liz Truss’ mess. Then think about how hard Theresa May must be laughing. Then think how hard David Cameron must be laughing. Then think about how you’re going to cover your utility bills and mortgage this winter.

MomentumPolicy: That sniggering David Cameron ignored a petition by the east Finchley allotments

bobjcarr: “The British elite are just as bad as we thought they were,” says an EU source in the FT. Exactly, and a cheerio call to that plausible idiot David Cameron who woke up one day and said let’s do a referendum on EU membership.

AshleyAreeSmith: The sadist reactionaries at the Wall St Journal defend Truss' policy of tax cuts and massive austerity measures that have wrecked the British economy. Thus, spake capitalism's ideologists.

En2erTheMattrix: I swear to god David Cameron not Bowie ffs.

BenHarl34577234: To be honest, people boycotting the conference aren’t exactly showing us in good light. We should come together and discuss a solution to the ongoing problems, rather than duck and avoid them. I just quoted David Cameron, but it was necessary.

GOP_WM: Britain’s Tories squandered their reputation for competent, free-market economic management. They now find that it’s hard to win back at precisely the moment they and the country need it most.

AlexKane221b: Met someone in the flesh today who reminded me that the last time we had talked was just 2 days before David Cameron stood down as PM: “And here we are on his third successor and she’s in trouble”.

Nouriel: Faulty spin by the WSJ oped page. Trickle down economics in the form of tax cuts for the rich never works. Now UK in free fall & needing a BoE bailout. Truss criticized in past BoE’s QE; now is begging for it. Pathetic turncoat like her Brexit flip-flop

cultfree54: 'Britain was in an economic mess before Ms. Truss took office, and there is no alternative universe in which policies that have failed for 12 years suddenly would start working on the cusp of a global downturn.' £

albertopier: The point is that Britain was in an economic mess before Ms. Truss took office, and there is no alternative universe in which policies that have failed for 12 years suddenly would start working on the cusp of a global downturn.

albertopier: U.S. Republicans, do take note of Ms. Truss’s travails in Britain. The Tories squandered their reputation for competent, free-market economic management. They now find that it’s hard to win back at precisely the moment they and the country need it most.

ESPNcricinfo: Mitchell Marsh, Marcus Stoinis, Mitchell Starc and David Warner return to face West Indies after missing Australia's tour of India

StrangeRichard: Listening to her, you would be forgiven for not remembering that she voted FOR every budget since David "I did nothing illegal" Cameron was PM in 2010. EVERY when she cites "the highest tax burden for 70 years", it was not on Labour's watch, it was all HER PARTY'S doing.

PaulJamesOakley: Ugh. Former Tory MP Nick Boles says he'll now vote Labour. No surprise there - David Cameron's nonsensical "A-List" gave all sorts of lefto dross like him safe parliamentary seats. They aren't missed and they won't be remembered.

AthinarayananS: Financial Times London reported "Lessons for Truss when economic orthodoxy bites back" Well, I predicted in 2013 The UK-EU IN-OUT REFERENDUM, the most significant outcome of BREXIT will shrink the UK down to Britain. My writing to David Cameron in 2013

Anna_Soubry: And when she served in David Cameron’s Govts

friendlyoldbot: Well colleague, you might burn David Cameron.

JenWilliamsMEN: ‘I thought you believed in sound money, you did when you were part of David Cameron’s govt, or have you changed your mind about that like you did brexit?’ - BBC Bristol

Grantboysgolf: Today the varsity golf team placed 6th at the IHSA Zion-Benton Regional. Scores: Jack Martin 91, David Hernandez 85, Cameron Finlayson 84 and Erick Guzman 80. Erick’s 80 earns him a spot in the IHSA Sectional Tournament. Congratulations to the entire team.

AthinarayananS: ...happened right away. The UK needs a proper recall mechanism. I wrote to George Osborne Chancellor (David Cameron Administration) many times accumulating debt is a bad idea without resolving issues at core. It is worth to mention because Liz Truss administration doing the same

emilybakermusic: Blimey...remember David Cameron and the pig? Seems quaint now.

sw19: One of David Cameron's infamous 'swivel-eyed loons'...

BriKi: At this stage Im sure people in the UK would gladly accept if David Cameron woke up from a nap and it was still 2014 and none of the last 8 years happened - a la Pam Ewing in Dallas.

verascladding: And we thought we had it bad with David Cameron

DanielaNadj: Is David Cameron happy tonight? Had it not been for his disastrous decision to hold a referendum on the EU we could have today had a functioning socially democratic country.I still hope he's held to account one day because he engineered the rise of Johnson Truss and Kwarteng.

MatthewStadlen: Seven years ago on Twitter, David Cameron couldn’t have been clearer: “Britain faces a simple and inescapable choice - stability and strong Government with me, or chaos with Ed Miliband”. It’s been chaos more or less ever since. Anyone fancy a change?

Liam_Baxter31: David Cameron vanished into the sunset, Theresa may avoided Grenfell survivors, Boris Johnson hid in a fridge, And Liz Truss has gone AWOL What a bunch of pathetic cowards the Tories are

LukeElliottS: David Cameron was working for a fundamentalist Anti-Colonial cell

corduroycowboyy: Don’t forget that David Cameron purposely put this country’s prosperity and security at stake and lost it all solely to temporarily solve Tory party infighting and extend its lifespan for 15 years max.

doctorow: Remember when David Cameron, as PM of UK, said that there was no room for social explanations for the London uprisings, insisting that it was down to "criminality, pure and simple"? 7/

GryllidaeC: John Major Tony Blair Gordon Brown David Cameron Theresa May Boris Johnson UK Prime Ministers during Darren Stevens' professional cricket career

Saccaguru: Dido Harding has been appointed to run the new national body that will replace Public Health England She has been a Conservative member of the House of Lords since she was given a life peerage in 2014 by former Prime Minister David Cameron

JM_Wentworth: This is making the exact same mistake as David Cameron: he put so much emphasis on immigration in the EU negotiations that he thought he could throw the voters a bone and it would be enough. It goes far deeper, culturally, than figures on a spreadsheet.

Yatotiisteajer1: David Cameron is dealing with the issues that he was left by the last government very well indeed

clownf1st: What's that? David Cameron's emerging from his luxury caravan in Provence to finish us off?

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? the great british bake off

lynz25706424: "So quite quickly there were proposals for cutting spending by £150bn and £200bn." In 2010, David Cameron became prime minister and ushered in a new age of austerity."

DailyRahnuma: 3rd T20I: Cameron Green, Tim David blaze to fifties as Australia reach 186/7 against India -

exRAF_Al: Professional Twitter is imploding over the mini budget (“David Cameron or Ed Milliband wouldn’t have sanctioned this” etc). I think it’s bold and visionary. Is it reckless? The UK is relying on novelty, agility and first starter advantage. It’s a frigate, not a warship.

RussInCheshire: 77. And in case you thought it was over, Boris Johnson, London’s very own Witless Dickington, is still here, first telling startled MPs about the great leadership of Vladimir Putin, then reportedly sending Hugo Swire to the House of Lords to annoy David Cameron “for a laugh”

LcdViews: BREAKING : David Cameron planning political comeback to fix “Broken Britain”

MomentumPolicy: The complete spinster! David Cameron voted against puppies

biggestjoel: When will we all accept the brutal reality of the situation. James Cameron’s avatar is: fine

HWarlow: A bit of a fraud but still a good seller. David Cameron had a huge one on his office wall. It’s a photograph but a good one. From Rebecca Hossack Gallery this is Phil Shaw with his ground braking digital photograph. . Bit of a let down for me

Spice8Rack: I cannot be repeated enough that this isn't some prolonged factional reaction to Corbyn's failures. These "Labour to Win" cretins fought AGAINST a Labour victory under Corbyn explicitly so they could purge the party of anyone left of David Cameron after they lost.

RubbishNo3: Multi millionaire David Cameron?

JamesKelly: David Cameron must be so proud that the far-right party that will lead Italy's new government is a member of the European Conservatives and Reformists group that he helped to set up.

Newdealcentrist: Was David Cameron really a Red Tory, as is often claimed by the media? Or is he best defined as something else?

writersroompub: "The truth is, we have all been in this together. The Press, the politicians and the leaders of all the parties... Throughout all this, all the warnings, all the concern, the government did nothing" David Cameron Hack Attack

davidaak1991: Long for the halcyon days of David Cameron.

PhDole: It's time to revisit the dimension from which this hell sprang. In another dimension everyone in the UK saw where Cameron was taking us and consequently we never ended up here. The Cameron dimension is similar to the Blair/Bush/Camp David/Iraq dimension

TheMysteriousHC: Since David Cameron was elected in 2010, UK Tory governments have justified some plutocratic policies under the banner of "austerity", but now the UK government is embracing plutocracy for the sake of plutocracy (or "Thatcherism") at a poorly-timed moment:

shinyandnew70: On the other hand, when Brown tried the usual bigotry appeasement and triangulated mish mash he was beaten by David Cameron, a man who looked smart in a suit even if he is alleged to have had questionable relationships with farmyard animals.

jimjamjamiew: Well I, for one, am certainly glad we got this stability and strong government with David Cameron. Now to just check in and see how Davey-boy’s getting on with it al- …oh…

giardino_david: Buying all the Cameron Ward stock right now

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? daveed diggs

leftwant2brite: Theresa May & David Cameron's vision of Britain is the same as Communist China's.

twelvebot: , , hosted by David Cameron Diaz, winner of UN signing ceremony:

friendlyoldbot: Howdy associate, you always must deny David Cameron.

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? aaron

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? petplay

LeftieStats: By the way, wanting to raise the top rate of tax is not a Corbynite idea. Miliband's 2015 manifesto contained a pledge to raise the 45p rate to 50p. Now Starmer won't even pledge to restore David Cameron's inadequate 45p rate!

Slightly_Random: David Cameron hearing about the new pork markets.

FlimsRadar: You remember how David Cameron used to wave around the tongue-in-cheek “there’s no money left” letter? The national debt then was £1 trillion. When Cameron left office it was £1.6 trillion.

brokenbottleboy: In the same way that Johnny Marr forbade David Cameron from liking The Smiths, I’m going to need Delia to ban Liz Truss from being a Norwich City fan.

LeChouNews: Putin Calls David Cameron For Tips On How To Organise A Referendum That Can Ruin A Country And Benefit Russia Immensely

TodayBritain: Focus on David Cameron's Recent Decisions.

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