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Aisha94___: In the words of David Cameron, Cummings is a career psychopath.

gelmeroda: Tory party splitting? Yes, please, but it is highly unlikely, that Boris Johnson has the guts, the perseverance and a real interest in creating a credible political program. Like his mate David Cameron he will leave politics, which would be the best service for our country.

EaglesDraft2022: 4 Edge Rushers the Eagles should target: Jermaine Johnson II, 70 tackles, 12 sacks David Obajo 35 tackles, 11 sacks Arnold Ebiketie, 62 tackles, 9.5 sacks Cameron Thomas, 71 tackles, 11.5 sacks

friendlyoldbot: Howdy homie, you want to kill David Cameron.

bcabraham: And just like that it is a 6-point game after a pair of triples by David Stockton and Cameron Young. Stars lead 92-86

chaeskth: david cameron, theresa may

YoungScotsUnion: David Cameron (for all his faults) managed to hold together a coalition government for 5 years. Boris can’t hold together a huge majority government for just over 2.

fecochrane1: It’s the endgame now -His fate may be sealed before Sue Gray even reports. It’s Operation Deadmeat. David Cameron and Theresa May must feel like having a ‘work meeting’

Camclaret1Calum: Some of these Tories calling for other Tories to back Boris have short memories. He spent at least a year trying to topple Theresa May. Before that, he spent at least 4 years trying to topple David Cameron. He's getting toppled folks. Get ready.

sport_simon: A story of overblown confidence. David Cameron & Boris Johnson brought up to believe they were born to govern. When they get the job they're inept and out of their depth.

PrfChrisPainter: A third Conservative Prime Minister in just 6 years faces prospect of being removed from office, all on the altar of Brexit: Cameron through loss of EU referendum in 2016; May unable to resolve Brexit dilemmas in 2019; Johnson capitalising on Brexit yet unfit to hold high office.

perksjoanna1: There are four or five related points that I might make: 1) there is a kind of cultish thing going on here about certain individuals being "wise and good", which makes it near-impossible to make headway. I think it springs largely from the same place as David Cameron's...

Senor_Fran6: Since 2015: 2016: David Cameron resigned after Brexit. 2019: Theresa May resigned after a 3rd failed Brexit withdrawal proposal. 2022: Boris Johnson is almost close to resigning... Then there is Buhari, Mr. Integrity!

RebelofDorset: Liz Truss has the same lack of empathy with the hearts and minds as did David Cameron and the same amount of hubris thinking they have it.

kfingleton: I know it’s fun watching the Conservatives, with their uncaring policies, ruinous Brexit and third rate MPs bicker their way to removing a PM that makes David Cameron look principled, but did some old crank hand them an 80 seat majority to condemn us to another useless PM?

teenytinysuz: Everton interviewing self-confessed Tory and David-Cameron-lover Frank Lampard is it?

benjaminpmoore: If I was David Cameron, I' be whatsapping a picture of me with a picture of my cock in a pig captioned 'work event'

AkaPaulHoward: One of former PM David Cameron's many favourite clubs.

wynncthompson3: A podcast with Dr. David Kyle Foster talking with Wynn Cameron Thompson about his life and new book - PRODIGAL a Journey to Freedom from Abuse and Addiction

lisatozzi: And how about Cameron Crowe taking us behind the scenes of David Bowie’s 1976 masterpiece ‘Station to Station’

foolishthree: The correct answer is Gordon Brown. Tony Blair is a close second. David Cameron is a far third.

AshrinaGovender: Set Cameron free He's innocent of this accident. Why hid the medical records, her cell phone and video footage of the accident. What is it that David wants to hid. All truth must come out. We demand the truth and not lies.

theterras: ✍️Weymouth Football Club are delighted to announce the appointment of David Oldfield as the club's First Team Manager! Welcome to Weymouth, David! Read more:

livsmckenzie: harry cameron is finn wittrock or david corenswet ... no one else

RogerHelmerMEP: And the only way to sort the energy crisis is, Boris, (in David Cameron’s immortal phrase) to cut the green crap.

AlfieTurner2: Boris Johnson was never suited for the job of prime minister as he previously said he had no desire to be prime minister six times. Apparently he only became pm because he was jealous of David Cameron at Eton.

YouGov: Which PM from the last 40 years would you choose to have handled the pandemic? Margaret Thatcher - 28% Tony Blair - 12% Gordon Brown - 12% Boris Johnson - 10% Theresa May - 4% David Cameron - 4% John Major - 3%

PoliDigitalUK: No 10 party culture saw staff 'booze at lunch' and 'wake up in same clothes' claims former aide to David Cameron and Theresa May

Ferretgrove: In 2016 David Cameron held the EU referendum to save the Tory party. It didn’t, it wrecked everything.

BrianTheHack: Pensioners had free TV licenses from 1999. David Cameron's government removed them in 2016.

GerryHassan: Downing Street "long standing drinking culture" dates to July 2019: when Johnson became PM. It didn't exist under May, Cameron, Brown, Blair. No UK institution Tories won't trash to save themselves: civil service, BBC, PM's wife & now Downing Street itself.

George_Simkin: Gov not having a good time in the Lords. A long time ago in a political landscape far, far away, David Cameron once said that perhaps the number of Lords a party has should reflect the number of votes they get at a GE. Imperfect but certainly better than the "system" we have now.

xmaseveevil1: This channel is a MARVELLOUS new discovery, for me. Includes 'Margaret Thatcher' (you wouldn't believe me), and 'David Cameron' ('Matthew Perry')... IMO. Shocking, stunningly candid video. Trigger alert for breast-removal scars. Made me cry. So brave. RT!

finbar_mueller: Is it too late to reintroduce public executions? Just this once for Bojo. and maybe toss in David Cameron as well. *Cue Tory-goddess Thatcher's monologue about some crimes being too great to permit the perps to run free.

docrussjackson: Former Director of Policy for PM David Cameron, Camilla Cavendish, today stated that Britain is "sleepwalking into a police state." She said that MPs claiming facemasks "is an imposition on civil liberties, have waved through these provisions" effectively criminalising protest.

EternalEnglish: From 2014: It's almost as if these operatives are being promoted in to positions of power no matter what the plebs might think, isn't it?

Noisical: David Cameron was feted by the toffs for political heights from Oxford onwards...He studied PPE..And he still sent the country backwards democratically and dragged us out of the EU. It was their plan all along!

PageAman: Another thing to credit David Cameron with then. Hijacking the BBC and turning it into the Tory mouthpiece it is. Good old Dave.

brexit_sham: What planet? "I felt confidence during the pandemic" "He was a bit different to the David Cameron, Eton-educated typical Tory" "I did have respect for Boris, with the vaccine rollout" "A good speaker and a good orator" "Maybe the right person to help us through Covid & Brexit"

RiLeigh84: The irony of this is David Cameron installed a pro-Tory hierarchy at the beeb and they’ve been found to be bias towards the Tories on several independent studies now.

DudgeonAlistair: "different to Eton educated David Cameron" He was in his class at school ffs Genuinely believe their are people in England who need to piss themselves to find out if they are wearing trousers.

200percentpod: This is your friendly Monday morning reminder that all of this, all of it, is David Cameron's fault. May he rot in hell.

PaulCSnelling: Not really surprising that Boris is planning to sacrifice the BBC do he can stay in office a bit longer. David Cameron started BREXIT for the same reason.

docrobperry: Just remembered that David Cameron offered the UK stability with him, or ‘chaos with Ed Miliband’. He then set off a chain of events that has caused more chaos in UK politics than anything else in my lifetime. The irony would be delicious, if everything wasn’t ruined.

DamavandyAraz: The memoirs of Margaret Thatcher ; edited by; Lain Dale/ forward by: David Cameron ...

RichardJMurphy: Tory party members have only selected their own party leader during this century. Since the rule change they have chosen Iain Duncan-Smith, Michael Howard, David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, all of them duds. Why will their next choice be any better?

St4n4n0n: Just a little bit of context Shortly after David Cameron won his election in 2010 the BBCs structure was purposely changed. Active MPs and representatives of government were put on the board of the BBC. This is why they sing from the governments hymn sheet and don't criticise.

ProfDaveAndress: This is a good one, from somebody who literally never noticed that Johnson was at Eton too, and indeed at the same time as Cameron...

LukasMukasPukas: "different to the David Cameron, Eton-educated typical Tory"

jamesjohnson252: “I liked him because he was a bit different to the David Cameron, Eton-educated typical Tory. There was something about him that made him a bit more personable to me. It’s gone now, because we’ve lost that trust in him. Now he’s just a buffoon.” “He can’t be trusted.” (3)

abradacabla: I am mentally screaming at the top of my lungs “he was a bit different to the David Cameron, Eton-educated typical Tory” THAT WOULD BE ETON AND OXFORD CONTEMPORARY OF DAVID CAMERON, BORIS JOHNSON

BolsoverBeast: A Knighthood for Gavin Williamson for what???? Other contenders, Sir Matt Hancock (Services to Covid 19 Contracts). Sir David Cameron ( Services to Lobbying). Sir Owen Paterson ( Services to Advocacy). Dame Priti Patel (Services to Humanity).

MailOnline: ANDREW NEIL: Cameron and Osborne were the useful idiots who opened Britain's door to China's spies

camsmithonline: SO excited to work with the awesome and anointed David Clydesdale in recording an album with the City of Prague Philharmonic! Would you pray about joining us in this mission (link below)? Your gift would be so appreciated.

AngrySalmond: David Cameron met vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi with representatives of a private health firm which he advises, two months before the US company won public contracts worth up to £870,000.

XuyiH: Of you ask me who knows. I can tell you I don't know, but according to David Cameron: they are all in this together.

PingRyan2016: I don't think British Prime Ministers are stupid, it's CCP's tactics like bribes, threats, intimidation, etc. that are too vicious! ANDREW NEIL: David Cameron and George Osborne were idiots who opened Britain's door to China's spies | Daily Mail Online

RPCorpIntl: who tf is saying "magic money tree" in 2021. David Cameron wants his catchphrase back

XuyiH: And remember what David Cameron said: they are all in this together. I bet a lot of quotes start to make sense now.

barry_halverson: The 2016 referendum was called by David Cameron solely to neutralise the threat to the Tory party from UKIP. It worked, at a massive & ongoing cost to the country. The Tory party subsequently morphed into UKIP & now ironically, look like they are going the same way.

DailyMailUK: ANDREW NEIL: Cameron and Osborne were the useful idiots who opened Britain's door to China's spies

baggieboymark: David Cameron time to come back and rescue the Conservative party from some clueless idiot who throws parties while the country are told to stay at home,this wouldn’t of happened under Cameron and Osborne

TheNBACentral: Players eligible to be traded today: John Collins Talen Horton-Tucker Duncan Robinson Gary Trent Jr. Norman Powell Bruce Brown Terence Davis Richaun Holmes Cameron Payne Furkan Korkmaz Josh Hart TJ McConnell Reggie Jackson Jordan McLaughlin Jarred Vanderbilt David Nwaba

docrussjackson: Inevitably, anger against "the elite" has intensified, contributing to the result of the Brexit referendum - a decision that caught David Cameron, the political classes, British business leaders, much of the media and even Brexit frontman Boris Johnson unprepared.

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? amy

B_HQ: Well, well, well, if it isn't me saying I told you so again. David Cameron's links to China are a FAR bigger scandal than Greensill. The people that govern Britain today are the greatest threat to the public & our national security than anything else.

PragmatistTory: ANDREW NEIL: 2010 Tories were the idiots who opened UK's door to spies

markqpr55: ANDREW NEIL: 2010 Tories were the idiots who opened UK's door to spies

Johnny_Marr: David Cameron, stop saying that you like The Smiths, no you don't. I forbid you to like it.

kr_shaurabh: Can't help but remember that David Cameron's inaugural speech at Wembley Stadium where he said that one day we'll have our first British Indian PM.

PGATOURSMartin: Last week: Cameron Smith sets PGA TOUR scoring record. This week: Cameron Smith misses the cut. Because golf.

PDF53: Noticed that a few of papers that have reported on the China issue, have a pic of Ms Lee with...David Cameron...!

Byron_Wan: business contracts and investment. Nobody should be shocked that the operatives of a totalitarian state took it as an opportunity to interfere, infiltrate, influence and, yes, spy. The rot really set in after 2010, when David Cameron became Prime Minister and 2/n

magicdmw: ANDREW NEIL: 2010 Tories were the idiots who opened UK's door to spies

friendlyoldbot: Bonjour friend, you taste David Cameron.

PromisesRust: "As Chinese state planned to intern and brainwash millions of its Uighur Muslim population, Cameron took Chinese president Xi Jinping for a pint at a British pub" Terrible and inaccurate. Even USCC agrees China faced Uighur extremist terrorism in 2015

cazMurphy2013: Daily Mail: ANDREW NEIL: David Cameron and George Osborne were idiots who opened Britain's door to China's spies.

KevinJAlderton1: ANDREW NEIL: 2010 Tories were the idiots who opened UK's door to spies

Byron_Wan: For over a decade, the British Establishment has been offering Communist China seats at its top tables in government, politics, universities and business in order to curry favour with a rising superpower in the hope that it would lead to lucrative 1/n

dodie_facts: David Cameron has a massive bonce. Unlike dodie who is cute af

KevinJAlderton1: David Cameron launched plans to give local people priority on waiting lists Nine years on and ...........?????????

LesleyRiddoch: Should Boris go immediately or stay to carry the can for energy crisis & local elections? Former David Cameron aide, Craig Oliver says that “an incredibly sophisticated calculation’ for Tories. No way. It’s just base, grubby politics. High falutin language doesn’t fool anyone.

JeromeTaylor: As this report by the Times makes clear, Lee never hid her links to the Chinese government and back when relations between London and Beijing were warmer she was feted by both sides as a go between.

dorset_eye: David Cameron the stud muffin

livedarts: Robert Owen 6-3 Conor Heneghan Cameron Menzies 6-2 Chris Hurds Adrian Gray 6-5 Adam Mould Shaun Wilkinson 6-2 David Wawrzewski Dom Taylor 6-4 Greg Ritchie Robert Collins 6-3 Graham Usher

Rob_Kimbell: Day after MI5 warning: Picture emerges of David Cameron talking with Chinese spy Christine Lee, reports City A.M.

johnestevens: June 2013: Andrew Bridgen submits letter of no confidence in David Cameron July 2018: Andrew Bridgen submits letter of no confidence in Theresa May January 2022: Andrew Bridgen submits letter of no confidence in Boris Johnson

Eastwood1A1: Has Barry Gardiner MP resigned as yet? Has Sir Kier Starmer sacked him? Ed Davey resigned as Leader? What about the involvement of David Cameron and Theresa May. A judge led Public enquiry must be established to root out everyone involved with Christine Lee.

EuanYours: Surprised it's taken him so long. Bridgen called for the resignation of David Cameron in 2014 and 2016 (before the Brexit vote) and for Theresa May's resignation in 2018. Until now Boris Johnson was the only leader he'd served under that he hadn't called on to resign.

Deborah97305730: This whole government shit show could have been avoided if that other idiot David Cameron had took a different route. If only we had a time machine. I know we would still have this awful pandemic but surely to God it would have been handled better by anyone else.

MrHarryCole: Mingling with David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn, propping up Barry Gardiner's office.. and even given a prize by Theresa May... Christine Lee was at the heart of Westminster.. how long have the security services known?

WellingtonKoo: A former Eton head master said Boris Johnson, alongside the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Cameron, are giving the school 'a bad name'.

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