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1Life_saved: David Cameron opened his wide mouth & said, “oh, let’s invite the politically ignorant populace to be arbiters of the U.K.’s future in the EU”. (Never mind that joining it in 1971 took lengthy decision-making by MPs in Parliament) And today, we no longer have tomatoes in shops.

AmIRightSir: Alex Cameron KC, barrister and older brother of David Cameron, has died age 59:

leon_dobie: Imagine if former PM David Cameron had held an official visit for a foreign Head of State during the 2011 London riots? It would've only fuelled the crisis. And knowing the French, this rioting will only intensify.

threeyowallcoat: Like if Adam P paired off with David Cameron

KHC12345798: I never thought I'd hear the Labour Party give props to Margaret Thatcher. Is the two party system now the David Cameron Tories versus the fascist Tories?

ITVNewsPolitics: David Cameron approached by Covid inquiry to give evidence about UK pandemic preparedness

Iiveral: If David Cameron sacked George Osborne as Chancellor, who do you think he would've chosen to replace him?

JackNorton94: Insane choice at the next election. Vote for David Cameron in a mask or the fascists he empowered.

VaclavusU: David Cameron’s brother Alex dies aged 59 after cancer battle after being praised as ‘phenomenon’ | UK News | Fri | 24 Mar | 1:11 | UTC

QuestionsBotYT: What if Larry Bundy Jr. strangled David Cameron?

Garabandal1232: Harmony Week: How Australia became a multicultural nation

VatsRishap: "During his meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Modi will share a detailed dossier about the activities of the United Kingdom-based Sikh radical groups which have been pursuing anti-India acts in Europe, especially Britain."

ATGBrokers: News (David Cameron’s brother Alexander dies from cancer, aged 59) has been published on my24group -

flying_rodent: David Cameron never went broke because of his party’s nonsensical, meaningless appeals to the curtain-twitching spite of people who just hate their neighbours and want to see the cops harassing them. Plenty of those people did go broke as a result of those politics, however.

toIerateit: keep the harry cameron fancasts on the playground unless you’re bringing david corenswet into the conversation

rothwel: Barrister Alexander Cameron dies aged 59 after cancer battle So sad to hear this today.

ThatMichaelLand: April – 2015 Merkel is Master of Europe Britain faces a simple and inescapable choice – Stability and strong Government with David Cameron, Or chaos with Ed Miliband

n_newstuk: David Cameron's brother Alexander dies of cancer at 59

Newsdesk_One: Reading Time: 2 minutes The brother of David Cameron has died from cancer after a...

Hjfer606Hjui: David Cameron’s brother Alexander dies from cancer, aged 59 -

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? duarte

MelbInstUOM: It’s our pleasure to announce world-renowned speakers Lisa Cameron, Cecilia Rouse, Jeff Borland, Pauline Grosjean, David Card, and A. Abigail Payne as keynote speakers at the 17th International WEAI Conference. Explore the program and register →

Herber14Mildred: Rest In Peace. David Cameron’s brother Alexander dies from cancer, aged 59

migrhodes: Alexander Cameron, KC, brother of the former prime minister David Cameron, has died aged 59: PEERAGE NEWS

msnuk: The brother of David Cameron has died from cancer after a long battle with the disease. Alexander Cameron, 59, a prominent barrister, stepped down from the bar shortly after being diagnosed with cancer in 2020. He is said to have inspired his younger

DanNeidle: While we're waiting - Compare what Nicola Sturgeon published this year (a tax return) with what David Cameron published in 2016 (not a tax return). Rishi Sunak has said he's publishing his tax return.

Telegraph: The barrister was a role model for David Cameron who wrote in the Big Issue that he ‘lived in the shadow of my older brother’

Ronniemarkets: David Cameron’s brother Alexander dies from cancer, aged 59

boblister_poole: Barrister Alexander Cameron dies aged 59 after cancer battle

n_newstuk: David Cameron mourns brother who gave him leadership: Alexander Cameron dies at 59

KatzAngie: David Cameron mourns older brother who inspired him to leadership: Alexander Cameron dies aged 59

Sheeraz037: Barrister Alexander Cameron dies aged 59 after cancer battle

whatsn2day: David Cameron mourns his older brother who inspired him to leadership: Alexander Cameron dies at 59

HCLeaderNews: Devolution was one of the big ideas of David Cameron's government. NHS Greater Manchester’s CEO Mark Fisher explains how it has affected ICB plans.

kenny2791: David Cameron mourns the brilliant older brother who inspired him to the Tory leadership: Barrister Alexander Cameron dies aged 59 after cancer battle via

SukhenduPal: The architects of “one rule for him” that you’re moaning about were David Cameron & George Osborne - remember them? You’re lying here and smearing Starmer. You’re a shameless politician like your other colleagues.

0Niyebe0: "Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us." — David Cameron KYJI HERE TWOstay

ImTanujSingh: David Warner replace Cameron Green in Australia's XI.

CourantOpinion: David R. Cameron: CT bill rightly aims to prevent false confessions from those under 18

FreddieBailey96: David Cameron "Vote for me or face chaos under Labour" (causes chaos) Theresa May "Vote for me or face chaos under Labour" (causes chaos) Boris Johnson "Vote for me or face chaos under Labour" (causes chaos) Liz Truss & Rishi Sunak No one voted for us but we have caused chaos

JimMFelton: Two former prime ministers out of the five prime ministers since the Brexit vote are now voting against the Northern Ireland protocol deal, and I’m starting to think David Cameron’s baller move to solve the divisions within his party isn’t going as well as he hoped

Effiedeans: So David Cameron and Rod Stewart are foreigners, but you're Jock Tamson's bairn?

BestForBritain: I'm old enough to remember David Cameron saying a referendum would once and for all stop the Tories from "banging on about Europe". Going well so far. ~AA

IsaiahMakwakwa: There no solution for the NHS. They all love the NHS. Even David Cameron does. I have no doubt that they will protect the NHS. None at all.

deadlinenews: The flag also features the faces of former Prime Minister’s Boris Johnson and David Cameron alongside the Hearts club crest.

wolfhalll: Yes let’s all listen to the guy who brought us David Cameron.

ea3y: Is there anything in this country the Tories/David Cameron didn't **** up? "Casey says austerity has profoundly affected the Met and that London no longer has a "functioning neighbourhood policing service""

Kevin_Maguire: Remember when the Cameron-Clegg ConDem coalition had a debt fetish, slashing spending and raising taxes to curb borrowing? It made it worse by crushing economic growth, as they were warned at the time.

legallysem: and i also hate david cameron

zakthedog1: GBNews David Cameron to host new show on GBNews

rayruss64994504: as keir stammer been invited to the bilderberg group the secret group that meets in a hotel every elected future prime minister as attended tony blair david cameron maragther thatcher

AngrySalmond: David Cameron personally lobbied the Treasury's most senior civil servant on his mobile phone. Sir Tom Scholar said the ex-Prime Minister called and sent some text messages to demand Covid help for doomed bank Greensill, which was paying Cameron.

TodayBritain: David Cameron Found Guilty Over The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration.

OricorioWho: didn't know david cameron did acting

MOGANDERSONBAK1: TV debate he lied about things there,again never trust a Tory. Did David Cameron really tell 'five outright lies' during TV debate

FisherAndrew79: Jeremy Corbyn was right to apologise for Labour's role in the war on Iraq. The Blair Government sent troops to war on a pack of lies. But as Corbyn pointed out when responding to Chilcot, 141 Labour MPs opposed the war, "as did many many party members"

adrianmcmenamin: David Cameron passed off lines in speech which came from a film about a horse on TV the previous afternoon as his own and went on to become PM. Ash Regan has this in the bag.

WhatIfMoviesBot: Think if in a another dimension, James Cameron directed Iron Man and David Fincher directed Forrest Gump but made it a action instead. Or, try to imagine if the classic quote "You can't handle the truth" never existed.

Adeniyi01520272: We have proved to world who we are as a nation of 63years that failed to get common Election right Mr David Cameron is indeed vindicated by his assessment of our nation. It's unfortunate that some politicians in Southwest are still trading with same pattern of 60s/70s

nigelusprime: I'm increasingly empathising with Davey, now that marshmallowman Starmer's red tie turns increasingly blue as he morphs into a 'second rate' David Cameron.

gregauman: So to recap Bucs' moves in past week: -- Re-signed CB Jamel Dean, LB Lavonte David, OLB Anthony Nelson, DL Pat O'Connor, OLB Cam Gill, OL Aaron Stinnie. -- Lost S Mike Edwards to Chiefs, DL Rakeem Nunez-Roches to Giants. -- Cut Donovan Smith, Leonard Fournette, Cameron Brate.

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? aidan

NEBERKENEZA: David Cameron resigned days after I predicted it

NicholasTyrone: There were many crazy things about David Cameron calling that referendum in 2016, but the nuttiest is that the supposed two reasons he did it was to put an end to populism on the right and to stop endless discussions about our relationship with Europe.

ahtralfie: BNP leader Nick Griffin here arguing that Britain should sink boats carrying asylum seekers & throw them life rafts because we had an ‘unending wave’ of migrants coming to the U.K. in 2009. At the time, David Cameron denounced the BNP as ‘Nazi thugs’ and ‘a bunch of fascists’.

ThisMyStoryPod: David Cameron and Boris Johnson didn’t die for this………

LaraVP: Oh look! Privileged person whose only talent is being David Cameron’s sister in law is either too thick or too Tory to understand what’s wrong with an illegal scheme that criminalises desperate people.

vanguardngrnews: George cast his vote at PU002 Cameron Road, Eti Osa Local Government Area, in Ikoyi. Recall that the PDP leader and others endorsed the LP candidate. Governorship LP — 115 APC — 95 PDP — 4 APC — 97

1MikeMorris: Remember when? When Harper asked David Johnston to set the terms for the Mulroney/Schreiber Inquiry? He wasn't afraid Johnston was partisan/liberal. And really neither is Poilievre. It is a political game for PP and Gang with our democracy hanging in the balance.

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? alx

RNauturi: kindly tell me when you will issue one for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Tony Blair, Nicholas Sarkozy, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, John Major, Theresa May, David Cameron and other Western leaders with innocent blood on their hands

TomLondon6: Describing Keir Starmer as David Cameron, frankly is an accurate, useful, meaningful and grown up comment on the pitiful state of the Labour Party

RealitySelect0r: I believe that in life, you have to give things your best shot, do your best. You have to focus on what needs to be done, do the right thing, not the popular thing. David Cameron

BobGeor27574923: HS2 is a disaster. It was always to some of us, a white elephant pushed by David Cameron.

ProgressiveJimi: Rishi Sunak & Jeremy Hunt are NOT somehow decent people, everything in their records suggests the opposite. And it's very fair to call Keir Starmer David Cameron in a red tie, he's just as dishonest & opportunistic.

kittoched: Scotland would have no national debt on independence. David Cameron stated this in 2014 just before the referendum.

GhostStoriesEnd: objectively insane we did that to Libya in broad daylight. david cameron is still dining out on it, in fact.

D_G_Alexander: Support is no higher than in 2014 yet every SNP leadership candidate aims to deal with their party management problem by rolling the dice on the nation’s future. That was David Cameron’s thinking when he embraced a Brexit referendum. (It didn’t end well.)

I_amMukhtar: Never forget that Jeremy Hunt said David Cameron was a genius for getting the public to accept the unnecessary austerity. And this budget doesn't help the poor, it will just make the rich even richer.

fightin03: Don't blame Cameron for an act he didn't do,it's the actions of the father who ended his daughter's life with his own hands even though there was hope for her to live .but it was David who decided to cut off his daughter's life support & donate her organs Cameron is irresponsible

dcrowe01: President Obama adopted my idea. Lex Greensill went into business with UK PM David Cameron and claimed credit for my idea, supported by Credit Suisse. They used bait and switch to enslave everyday Americans by stopping payment of their invoices then offering Americans a loan.

cross_flag: "Both parties have been led into General Elections by people who had been comprehensively educated from the age of 11. Both of those were heavily defeated by public schoolboys. Tony Blair beat William Hague, and David Cameron beat Ed Miliband."

saysdotcom: 28-year-old Chung Chia Khang started his farm seven years ago with a RM10,000 grant from a government programme. It was in his abandoned backyard. He now owns a 12-hectare farm.

one3dsoul: Cast cont.: Lyndsy Fonseca, Peyton List, Jason Isaacs, Winslow Fegley, Dan Fogler, Caylee Cowan, Sebastian Maniscalco, David Reale, Vincent Pastore, James Wolk, Chris Redd, Michael Ian Black, Tayla Parx, Jay Pharoah, Casey Likes, Ledisi & Cameron Jibril Thomaz (aka Wiz Khalifa)

DYNAMICAN_EEA: 10/ to commit to lust than it is to love (often the problem).. the problem then, is the lust seekers, destroy the love - why perhaps, you must respect the ability to need to keep such in people separate and protected.. I don't want David Cameron looking in again on myself and my

AdamSchefter: Chargers granted permission to RB Austin Ekeler today to seek a trade after the two sides failed to make progress for a new contract, per his agent Cameron Weiss.

hellamouseshit: why did david cameron resign? misreading recycle as cool and dealing with the mocking that follows

AEHALL1983: And don't forget those notorious fascists David Cameron and George Osborne with "Long Term Economic Plan" Or the many people saying "Build back better" And definitely Barack Obama was a fascist because he had the simple slogan of "Yes we can"

NL_ULTIMATE: In case you don’t know who your current board members are...from L to R we have: Hilary Walsh, Melissa Wheeler, Lana Roestenberg, Eric Ouellette, Nick House, Shannon Jones, Cameron Penney, David Whitney-Brown, & Jason Murphy. (Missing from photo is board member Aaron Power).

WhatIfMoviesBot: Think if in a different cosmos, James Cameron directed Mad Max and David Fincher directed Joker but made it a drama instead. Or, try to imagine if the iconic quote "My precious" never existed.

TyronneBlaggin: 'Not long after the EU REferendum David Korski, David Cameron's former adviser, made an illuminating admission. When they were trying to negotiate with Brussels before the vote, they couldn't find any suitable evidence that would 'satisfy the European Commission' ...1/2

JohnCar69030613: Labour planning £8bn Biden-style green energy revolution

lykinstyler: Remember when Obama brought David Cameron to the First Four in Dayton? He made this man watch a couple 16 seeds battle it out, no wonder my dude had to eventually resign.

GTWMalley: The anti growth coalition was v catchy. Not the worst conservative slogan over the years, I remember David Cameron having one that was just really dressing up laissez-faire bullshit, I can’t remember it now, oh, ‘the big society’, I mean, in reality, that translated as foodbanks

eddwilson: David Cameron, 2010: Let’s make the next decade the most entrepreneurial and dynamic in our history – and let’s do it together. All of us, across Britain, sharing in our prosperity

GadjoGuitars: The next Butchers Brew Bar gig will be on Sunday 2nd of April and will feature guitarist and fellow gypsy jazz traveler, David Breeze from Kuranda, Far North Queensland on guitar and Merv Sequeria on bass. -

SkyNewsBiz: This week, MPs on the treasury select committee will get the opportunity to question Lex Greensill and David Cameron live. Here are some of the key questions they are likely to ask

LACShockTherapy: Remaining Right Tackles Kaleb McGary Billy Turner Orlando Brown(LT) Jermaine Eluemunor Trey Pipkins George Fant Germaine Ifedi Chuma Edoga Greg Little Cameron Irving Ja’Waun James David Quessenberry Marcus Cannon Dennis Kelly Of Course, the Chargers could also move Salyer to RT

cricketcomau: WA XI: Cameron Bancroft, Sam Whiteman (c), Teague Wyllie, Hilton Cartwright, Aaron Hardie, Ashton Turner, Josh Philippe (wk), Charlie Stobo, Cameron Gannon, Corey Rocchiccioli, David Moody

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