Wish ik what to say, with a loved that faded away. Cold harsh words wouldn't be the end of it, a kindness that took for granted tore him deeply, stitches could not recover what was lost. Am i to blame myself to open a close door that wasn't even sure of past closure?...

Only experience could distinguish between ice age and the Antarctic heart. She played her card accurate but deception came with suspicions. Fooled once but couldn't be fooled twice... sorry its inaccurate. Love is blind only the strong will conquer. Its not a physical battle but a emotional , overcoming obstacles to be consider as the past. She chewed the gum with no existence of flavor leaved.

Miles away but a minor interference couldn't beg to differ or contemplate the obvious choice of a decision that had been made moments before the test began.. Even your soulmate could be your biggest challeng! The pillow that stood between us invisible but felt. A Rainbows looses its stripe, one by one.. smokely visible words in the sky replied .. "Save your tears" arctic heart..

Written Suspicions