Who is Adamu Sule

I' m Adams Sule. A Nigerian, a poet with a new born style. He has the flair to solve contemporary issues. He's a lover of justice and very conservative in nature. He's smart and open to new ideas. He 's a grammarian. He studied English Languge at Usman Danfodio University in Nigeria. He enjoys reading poems during his leisure moment....
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Adamu Sule Poems

  • Birth Of A Baby
    Oh beautiful flowers!
    Oh smiling sun!
    You have blessed our days
    With longetivity ...
  • To My Dear Crush
    like a sun after rain You take away the storm of my pain
    Merely with no celerity,i met the smiling sun on facebook.
    How i wish i can be the author of your book?
    Can you give me that chance? ...
  • Unreciprocated Love
    If she doesn't appreciate you
    Someone else does
    And if He doesn't appreciate you
    Someone else does. ...
  • A Sister From Another World
    She is a sister from another world called Macedonia
    She is a sister who hail from the city where the first Missionary Journey took place
    It is a place where Paul and Barnabas were separated by the help of John Mark
    Indeed a place where Christianity took it shape and position ...
  • Love Dilemma
    There's fire in ya heart
    There's love in ya eyes
    Roll it with tears rolling down
    Hold it with ya face smiling dawn ...
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Adamu Sule Quotes

  • If you believe in something. Keep doing what you believe. One day, you shall smile that what you believe in paved great chance for you
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