The Wedding Sermon Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'Now while she's changing ' said the DeanA
'Her bridal for her traveling dressB
I'll preach allegiance to your queenA
Preaching's the thing which I professB
And one more minute's mine You knowC
I've paid my girl a father's debtD
And this last charge is all I oweC
She's yours but I love more than yetD
You can such fondness only wakesE
When time has raised the heart aboveF
The prejudice of youth which makesE
Beauty conditional to loveF
Prepare to meet the weak alarmsG
Of novel nearness recollectH
The eye which magnifies her charmsG
Is microscopic for defectH
Fear comes at first but soon rejoicedI
You'll find your strong and tender lovesJ
Like holy rocks by Druids poisedK
The least force shakes but none removesL
Her strength is your esteem bewareM
Of finding fault her will's unnervedN
By blame from you 'twould be despairM
But praise that is not quite deservedN
Will all her noble nature moveO
To make your utmost wishes trueP
Yet think while mending thus your LoveF
Of matching her ideal tooP
The death of nuptial joy is slothQ
To keep your mistress in your wifeR
Keep to the very height your oathQ
And honor her with arduous lifeR
Lastly no personal reverence doffS
Life's all externals unto thoseT
Who pluck the blushing petals offS
To find the secret of the roseT
How long she's tarrying Green's HotelU
I'm sure you'll like The charge is fairM
The wines good I remember wellU
I stayed once with her mother thereM
A tender conscience of her vowV
That mother had She's so like her 'W
But Mrs Fife much flurried nowV
Whispered 'Miss Honor's ready sir 'W

Coventry Patmore


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