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  • The Angel In The House. Book I. Canto V.

    I The Comparison
    Where she succeeds with cloudless brow, ...
  • Olympus
    Through female subtlety intense,
    Or the good luck of innocence,
    Or both, my Wife, with whom I plan
    To pass calm evenings when I can, ...
  • The Foreign Land
    A woman is a foreign land,
    Of which, though there he settle young,
    A man will ne'er quite understand
    The customs, politics, and tongue. ...
  • The Angel In The House. Book Ii. Canto I.

    I The Song of Songs
    The pulse of War, whose bloody heats ...
  • Semele
    No praise to me!
    My joy 'twas to be nothing but the glass
    Thro' which the general boon of Heaven should pass,
    To focus upon thee. ...
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  • Deductionbot: you'll be a perfect wife, just like in that poem of coventry patmore.
  • Elrufai: kaduna update: we set out to ‘make kaduna great again’. it is still work-in-progress, but our team is working:- “when all work is done, the lie shall rot; the truth is great, and shall prevail, when none cares whether it prevails or not” - coventry patmore (1823-1896)
  • Gregoryirish60: “life is not life at all without delight.” - coventry patmore ❤️
  • Deductionbot: you'll be a perfect wife, just like in that poem of coventry patmore.
  • Ectoplasm_james: ....... i just realized that that last sentence probably carries a different vibe that i meant it to goddammit i mean it in the coventry patmore way, not the literal angel castiel way
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