Ring of Fire
This Ring on my finger I hold a Kiss
I Vow to never let go
I cherish our Love Forever
Even with Enemies that come through the door I Fight the More
To have to hold To Love The One God blessed From Above
Nothing will change the time the date of Our Beginning
Nothing will Seperate even to our Ending

I hold This Ring with A Kiss
My Difficult Man Who holds my heart
Our Lives together Carried on the Wings of Prayer in Power and Strength
Dedication of two hearts One Vow
Everlasting life that is the only way
For The courier who bares the Promise Land

The Difficult Man & Woman stands The tests of Trials.

We bare the Marks of Greatness

This Ring of fire A True Love is all We Need

To Win this Battle of Good and Evil

I kiss the Ring of fire The Vow can never be broken
Ring of Fire mixed with a little more than A kiss A Higher Level Keeps watch over us

While awake or asleep The Ring Remains the same

Ring of Fire dedicated devoted only to One Love

Our Source of happiness that brings a Sweetness of Great Sucess

This Ring of Fire keeps our thoughts of each other A simplicity of Togetherness

Ring of Fire A Conquering Power above all Enemies

Ring of Fire A Unbroken Vow