Fly to the land of freedom
A little birdie came chirping to my courtyard,
Vibrant its wings were,
Tangerine, green,and white,
A golden hue all over.
An impeccable hymn it sang.
I looked at her fervently,
Her hymn and charisma had struck a chord.
felt she was mine and had come to see me
from a distant land of absolute freedom,
sans shame and fear
Where my heart pined to go!
She chirped, hopped and fluttered her dazzling wings,
presumably she desired to show how thrilled she too was!
My heart sang aloud,
Tears flooding my eyes.
Yes, thrilled i too am to see such an enchanting beauty and hear your
mellifluous song.
Giving the woman in me a new reason to dream of the land my heart yearns to go!
Oh! enchanting lill visitor you came for me i know.
And my heart says lill birdie you are mine evenmore.
Wish you lead me to that distant land of absolute freedom sans shame and fear!

@Chitra Arun