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  • Weary Site
    I must say that this site is too weary,
    No contest ,
    no fun,
    All day long , ...
  • Twelve O' Clock Sleep
    Feeling deserted and lean,
    Laid on bed; rattled my nerves,
    Laid on mat; ate my nerves,
    Laid on sofa; kissed my nerves, ...
  • Fiery Wind
    Aloft! the north wind blew,
    As meek as fiery,
    Lowly and slowly,
    Hardened the heart of men, ...
  • Gray-ish Love 2
    What have I to say?
    The nation hates my face,
    Despite, I shield the earth,
    They hate our love and existence, ...
  • Gray-ish Love
    I will sing the song of songs, till death
    How beautiful you are,
    Your eyes are dove, ...
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