You push me away
yet holding me back
you act like I mean nothing to you
yet you see me as a source of your breath
you act like you can't give your heart to me
yet here I am returning it to you
you act like you don't care
yet you hate To See Me in the slightest form of being dispirited
you act like you don't want to see me
yet a jolt of life energy circles around your body concentrating on your heart and stomach when you behold my countenance making you grin passionately unaware
you act like you don't think of me
yet I take part in every thoughts in your mind
you act like you don't want to touch me
yet I see the urge surging through your soul like fire in your eyes yearning to feel my epidermis
you tend to resist me
yet craving for me to overlook your pretence to draw closer
you think it belittles you to be in love
yet you are degraded by the fact that you pretend to it
you act like you don't love me
yet you are conforming to the fact I am your wholeness
LOVE makes us WHOLE