Chiemezie Dike Poems

  • 1.  
    I kept on coming closer to you ,yet we are still far apart,
    I thought it was me, and I hastened up
    until I saw you took twice my steps backwards all this while

  • 2.  
    At night my day begins
    The darkness leaves my eyes to no use
    Increasing my sensitivity to my soul
    The silence allows my mind to speak clearly
  • 3.  
    I try to forget you
    but it is immutable
    In the fabric of my heart
    the thought of you have besmirch it completely
  • 4.  
    You push me away
    yet holding me back
    you act like I mean nothing to you
    yet you see me as a source of your breath
  • 5.  
    Miles away from you
    Miles from your touch
    Closer to you is all I wish for
    Can't stand the distance
  • 6.  
    If u can see yourself through my eyes
    You will know why I gawk, enthralled by your phizog

    If you can smell yourself through my nose
  • 7.  
    Am confused about so many things in my life
    But am not confused about my feelings for you
    Have felt alot of things for alot of people
    But with you I think my heart
  • 8.  
    I love you
    you detest my existence
    I care about you
    You deliberately neglect me to nothingness
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