When the pain cuts you deeper
Your mountains get steeper
And the body gets weaker
Don't forget to pray.

When they hate you for the truth you speak
When you are killed for the life you live
When they persecute you for the lives you save
Remember Allah knowth His people.

When the world takes your mosque for a war camp
When your attire is a sign of terror
When the West turns your country into gun testing ground
Turn to Muhammad's teachings

When they want to turn you into modern day slaves because of the color of your skin
When they associate you with monkeys in stadiums
when they spit in the rage of racism
When they take Africa for a dump site
Venerate your ancestors and pray to your gods

When The East comes flying to knock you down
And they they call you heathens because you worship the one true God
When the whole world is against you
And your towns are bomb testing grounds
When terror looks you gone in the eyeballs
Turn to the Messiah and pray.