Gilbert Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


ABOVE the city hung the moonB
Right o'er a plot of groundC
Where flowers and orchard trees were fencedD
With lofty walls aroundC
'Twas Gilbert's garden there to nightE
Awhile he walked aloneF
And tired with sedentary toilG
Mused where the moonlight shoneF
This garden in a city heartH
Lay still as houseless wildI
Though many windowed mansion frontsJ
Were round it closely piledI
But thick their walls and those withinK
Lived lives by noise unstirredI
Like wafting of an angel's wingL
Time's flight by them was heardI
Some soft piano notes aloneF
Were sweet as faintly givenA
Where ladies doubtless cheered the hearthM
With song that winter evenK
The city's many mingled soundsN
Rose like the hum of oceanA
They rather lulled the heart than rousedI
Its pulse to faster motionA
Gilbert has paced the single walkO
An hour yet is not wearyP
And though it be a winter nightI
He feels nor cold nor drearyP
The prime of life is in his veinsQ
And sends his blood fast flowingL
And Fancy's fervour warms the thoughtsR
Now in his bosom glowingL
Those thoughts recur to early loveS
Or what he love would nameT
Though haply Gilbert's secret deedsU
Might other title claimT
Such theme not oft his mind absorbsV
He to the world clings fastI
And too much for the present livesW
To linger o'er the pastI
But now the evening's deep reposeX
Has glided to his soulY
That moonlight falls on MemoryP
And shows her fading scrollY
One name appears in every lineZ
The gentle rays shine o'erA2
And still he smiles and still repeatsB2
That one name ElinorA2
There is no sorrow in his smileC2
No kindness in his toneF
The triumph of a selfish heartI
Speaks coldly there aloneF
He says ' She loved me more than lifeD2
And truly it was sweetI
To see so fair a woman kneelE2
In bondage at my feetI
There was a sort of quiet blissF2
To be so deeply lovedI
To gaze on trembling eagernessG2
And sit myself unmovedI
And when it pleased my pride to grantI
At last some rare caressH2
To feel the fever of that handI
My fingers deigned to pressH2
'Twas sweet to see her strive to hideI
What every glance revealedI
Endowed the while with despot mightI
Her destiny to wieldI
I knew myself no perfect manI2
Nor as she deemed divineZ
I knew that I was glorious butI
By her reflected shineZ
Her youth her native energyP
Her powers new born and freshJ2
'Twas these with Godhead sanctifiedI
My sensual frame of fleshJ2
Yet like a god did I descendI
At last to meet her loveS
And like a god I then withdrewK2
To my own heaven aboveS
And never more could she invokeL2
My presence to her sphereM2
No prayer no plaint no cry of hersN2
Could win my awful earO2
I knew her blinded constancyP
Would ne'er my deeds betrayP2
And calm in conscience whole in heartI
I went my tranquil wayP2
Yet sometimes I still feel a wishQ2
The fond and flattering painR2
Of passion's anguish to createI
In her young breast againS2
Bright was the lustre of her eyesT2
When they caught fire from mineZ
If I had power this very hourA2
Again I 'd light their shineZ
But where she is or how she livesW
I have no clue to knowU2
I 've heard she long my absence pinedI
And left her home in woeU2
But busied then in gathering goldI
As I am busied nowV2
I could not turn from such pursuitI
To weep a broken vowV2
Nor could I give to fatal riskW2
The fame I ever prizedI
Even now I fear that precious fameT
Is too much compromised '-
An inward trouble dims his eyeX2
Some riddle he would solveY2
Some method to unloose a knotI
His anxious thoughts revolveY2
He pensive leans against a treeP
A leafy evergreenZ2
The boughs the moonlight interceptI
And hide him like a screenZ2
He starts the tree shakes with his tremorA2
Yet nothing near him pass'dI
He hurries up the garden alleyP
In strangely sudden hasteI
With shaking hand he lifts the latchetI
Steps o'er the threshold stoneF
The heavy door slips from his fingersN2
It shuts and he is goneA3
What touched transfixed appalled his soulY
A nervous thought no moreB3
'Twill sink like stone in placid poolC3
And calm close smoothly o'erA2
WARM is the parlour atmosphereM2
Serene the lamp's soft lightI
The vivid embers red and clearM2
Proclaim a frosty nightI
Books varied on the table lieX2
Three children o'er them bendI
And all with curious eager eyeX2
The turning leaf attendI
Picture and tale alternatelyP
Their simple hearts delightI
And interest deep and tempered gleeP
Illume their aspects brightI
The parents from their fireside placeD3
Behold that pleasant sceneZ2
And joy is on the mother's faceD3
Pride in the father's mienZ2
As Gilbert sees his blooming wifeD2
Beholds his children fairE3
No thought has he of transient strifeD2
Or past though piercing fearM2
The voice of happy infancyP
Lisps sweetly in his earO2
His wife with pleased and peaceful eyeX2
Sits kindly smiling nearM2
The fire glows on her silken dressH2
And shows its ample graceD3
And warmly tints each hazel tressH2
Curled soft around her faceD3
The beauty that in youth he wooedI
Is beauty still unfadedI
The brow of ever placid moodI
No churlish grief has shadedI
Prosperity in Gilbert's homeF3
Abides the guest of yearsG3
There Want or Discord never comeH3
And seldom Toil or TearsI3
The carpets bear the peaceful printI
Of comfort's velvet treadI
And golden gleams from plenty sentI
In every nook are shedI
The very silken spaniel seemsJ3
Of quiet ease to tellK3
As near its mistress' feet it dreamsJ3
Sunk in a cushion's swellK3
And smiles seem native to the eyesT2
Of those sweet children threeP
They have but looked on tranquil skiesT2
And know not miseryP
Alas that misery should comeH3
In such an hour as thisF2
Why could she not so calm a homeF3
A little longer missF2
But she is now within the doorB3
Her steps advancing glideI
Her sullen shade has crossed the floorB3
She stands at Gilbert's sideI
She lays her hand upon his heartI
It bounds with agonyP
His fireside chair shakes with the startI
That shook the garden treeP
His wife towards the children looksL3
She does not mark his mienZ2
The children bending o'er their booksL3
His terror have not seenZ2
In his own home by his own hearthM
He sits in solitudeI
And circled round with light and mirthM3
Cold horror chills his bloodI
His mind would hold with desperate clutchN3
The scene that round him liesT2
No changed as by some wizard's touchN3
The present prospect fliesT2
A tumult vague a viewless strifeD2
His futile struggles crushO3
'Twixt him and his an unknown lifeD2
And unknown feelings rushO3
He sees but scarce can language paintI
The tissue Fancy weavesP3
For words oft give but echo faintI
Of thoughts the mind conceivesP3
Noise tumult strange and darkness dimQ3
Efface both light and quietI
No shape is in those shadows grimQ3
No voice in that wild riotI
Sustained and strong a wondrous blastI
Above and round him blowsP3
A greenish gloom dense overcastI
Each moment denser growsP3
He nothing knows nor clearly seesP3
Resistance checks his breathR3
The high impetuous ceaseless breezeP3
Blows on him cold as deathR3
And still the undulating gloomS3
Mocks sight with formless motionA
Was such sensation Jonah's doomS3
Gulphed in the depths of oceanA
Streaking the air the nameless visionA
Fast driven deep sounding flowsP3
Oh whence its source and what its missionA
How will its terrors closeP3
Long sweeping rushing vast and voidI
The Universe it swallowsP3
And still the dark devouring tideI
A Typhoon tempest followsP3
More slow it rolls its furious raceP3
Sinks to a solemn glidingL
The stunningL

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