The Young Letter Writer Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Dear Sir Dear Madam or Dear FriendA
With ease are written at the topB
When those two happy words are pennedA
A youthful writer oft will stopB
And bite his pen and lift his eyesC
As if he thinks to find in airD
The wished for following words or triesC
To fix his thoughts by fix d stareD
But haply all in vain the nextE
Two words may be so long beforeF
They'll come the writer sore perplextE
Gives in despair the matter o'erG
And when maturer age he seesH
With ready pen so swift inditingI
With envy he beholds the easeH
Of long accustomed letter writingI
Courage young friend the time may beJ
When you attain maturer ageK
Some young as you are now may seeJ
You with like ease glide down a pageK
Even then when you to years a debtorG
In varied phrase your meanings wrapL
The welcomest words in all your letterG
May be those two kind words at topB

Charles Lamb


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