The New-born Infant Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Whether beneath sweet beds of rosesA
As foolish little Ann supposesA
The spirit of a babe reposesA
Before it to the body comeB
Or as philosophy more wiseA
Thinks it descendeth from the skiesA
We know the babe's now in the roomC
And that is all which is quite clearD
Even to philosophy my dearD
The God that made us can aloneE
Reveal from whence a spirit's broughtF
Into young life to light and thoughtF
And this the wisest man must ownE
We'll now talk of the babe's surpriseA
When first he opens his new eyesA
And first receives delicious foodG
Before the age of six or sevenH
To mortal children is not givenH
Much reason or I think he wouldI
And very naturally wonderJ
What happy star he was born underJ
That he should be the only careK
Of the dear sweet food giving ladyL
Who fondly calls him her own babyL
Her darling hope her infant heirK

Charles Lamb


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