The Men And Women, And The Monkeys Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A BBB CCC DDD EEE FF

When beasts by words their meanings could declareB
Some well dressed men and women did repairB
To gaze upon two monkeys at a fairB
And one who was the spokesman in the placeC
Said in their countenance you might plainly traceC
The likeness of a withered old man's faceC
His observation none impeached or blamedD
But every man and woman when 'twas namedD
Drew in the head or slunk away ashamedD
One monkey who had more pride than the otherE
His infinite chagrin could scarcely smotherE
But Pug the wiser said unto his brotherE
'The slights and coolness of this human nationF
Should give a sensible ape no mortificationF
'Tis thus they always serve a poor relation '-

Charles Lamb


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