The Lame Brother Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My parents sleep both in one graveA
My only friend's a brotherB
The dearest things upon the earthC
We are to one anotherB
A fine stout boy I knew him onceD
With active form and limbE
Whene'er he leaped or jumped or ranF
O I was proud of himE
He leaped too far he got a hurtG
He now does limping goH
When I think on his active daysI
My heart is full of woeH
He leans on me when we to schoolJ
Do every morning walkK
I cheer him on his weary wayL
He loves to hear my talkK
The theme of which is mostly thisM
What things he once could doN
He listens pleased then sadly saysO
'Sister I lean on you '-
Then I reply 'Indeed you're notP
Scarce any weight at allQ
And let us now still younger yearsR
To memory recallQ
'Led by your little elder handS
I learned to walk aloneT
Careful you used to be of meU
My little brother JohnV
'How often when my young feet tiredW
You've carried me a mileX
And still together we can sitY
And rest a little whileX
'For our kind master never mindsZ
If we're the very lastA2
He bids us never tire ourselvesB2
With walking on too fast '-

Charles Lamb


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