The Dessert Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


With the apples and the plumsA
Little Carolina comesA
At the time of the dessert sheB
Comes and drops her last new curtsyB
Graceful curtsy practised o'erC
In the nursery beforeD
What shall we compare her toE
The dessert itself will doE
Like preserves she's kept with careF
Like blanched almonds she is fairF
Soft as down on peach her hairF
And so soft so smooth is eachG
Pretty cheek as that same peachG
Yet more like in hue to cherriesH
Then her lips the sweet strawberriesH
Caroline herself shall try themI
If they are not like when nigh themI
Her bright eyes are black as sloesH
But I think we've none of thoseH
Common fruit here and her chinJ
From a round point does beginJ
Like the small end of a pearF
Whiter drapery she does wearF
Than the frost on cake and sweeterC
Than the cake itself and neaterC
Though bedecked with emblems fineK
Is our little CarolineK

Charles Lamb


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