Queen Oriana's Dream Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


On a bank with roses shadedA
Whose sweet scent the violets aidedB
Violets whose breath aloneC
Yields but feeble smell or noneD
Sweeter bed Jove ne'er repos'd onE
When his eyes Olympus closed onE
While o'er head six slaves did holdF
Canopy of cloth o' goldF
And two more did music keepG
Which might Juno lull to sleepG
Oriana who was queenH
To the mighty TamerlaneH
That was lord of all the landI
Between Thrace and SamarchandI
While the noon tide fervor beam'dI
Mused herself to sleep and dream'dI
Thus far in magnific strainH
A young poet sooth'd his veinH
But he had nor prose nor numbersJ
To express a princess' slumbersJ
Youthful Richard had strange fanciesJ
Was deep versed in old romancesJ
And could talk whole hours uponH
The great Cham and Prester JohnH
Tell the field in which the SophiK
From the Tartar won a trophyK
What he read with such delight ofK
Thought he could as eas'ly write ofK
But his over young inventionH
Kept not pace with brave intentionH
Twenty suns did rise and setI
And he could no further getI
But unable to proceedI
Made a virtue out of needI
And his labours wiselier deem'd ofK
Did omit what the queen dream'd ofK

Charles Lamb


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