Beauty And The Beast Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A Merchant who by generous painsA
Prospered in honourable gainsA
Could boast his wealth and fame to shareB
Three manly Sons three Daughters fairB
With these he felt supremely blestC
His latest born surpass'd the restC
She was so gentle good and kindD
So fair in feature form and mindD
So constant too in filial dutyE
The neighbours called her Little BeautyE
And when fair childhood's days were runF
That title still she wore and wonF
Lovelier as older still she grewG
Improv'd in grace and goodness tooG
Her elder Sisters gay and vainH
View'd her with envy and disdainH
Toss'd up their heads with haughty airB
Dress Fashion Pleasure all their careB
'Twas thus improving and improv'dI
Loving and worthy to be lov'dJ
Sprightly yet grave each circling dayK
Saw Beauty innocently gayK
Thus smooth the May like moments pastL
Blest times but soon by clouds o'ercastL
Sudden as winds that madd'ning sweepM
The foaming surface of the deepM
Vast treasures trusted to the waveN
Were buried in the billowy graveN
Our Merchant late of boundless storeO
Saw Famine hasting to his doorO
With willing hand and ready graceP
Mild Beauty takes the Servant's placeP
Rose with the sun to household caresQ
And morn's repast with zeal preparesQ
The wholesome meal the cheerful fireR
What cannot filial love inspireS
And when the task of day was doneF
Suspended till the rising sunF
Music and song the hours employ'dL
As more deserv'd the more enjoy'dL
Till Industry with Pastime join'dL
Refresh'd the body and the mindL
And when the groupe retir'd to restL
Father and Brothers Beauty blestL
Not so the Sisters as beforeO
'Twas rich and idle now 'twas poorT
In shabby finery array'dL
They still affected a paradeL
While both insulted gentle BeautyL
Unwearied in the housewife's dutyL
They mock'd her robe of modest brownU
And view'd her with a taunting frownU
Yet scarce could hold their rage to seeL
The blithe effects of IndustryL
In this retreat a year had pastL
When happier tidings came at lastL
And in the Merchant's smile appear'dL
Prospects that all the Cotters cheer'dL
A letter came its purport goodL
Part of his ventures brav'd the floodL
'With speed ' said he 'I must to townU
'And what my girls must I bring down '-
The envious Sisters all confusionF
Commissions gave in wild profusionF
Caps hats and bonnets bracelets broachesV
To cram the pockets of the coachesV
With laces linens to completeL
The order and to fill the seatL
Such wants and wishes now appear'dL
To make them larger Beauty fear'dL
Yet lest her silence might produceW
From jealous Sisters more abuseW
Considerately good she choseX
The emblem of herself a RoseX
The good man on his journey wentL
His thoughts on generous Beauty bentL
'If Heav'n ' he said and breath'd a prayerB
'If Heav'n that tender child should spareB
'Whate'er my lot I must be bless'dL
'I must be rich ' he wept the restL
Timely such feelings Fortune stillY
Unkind and niggard crost his willY
Of all his hopes alas the gainsA
Were far o'erbalanc'd by the painsA
For after a long tedious roundL
He had to measure back his groundL
A short day's travel from his CotL
New misadventures were his lotL
Dark grew the air the wind blew highZ
And spoke the gathering tempest nighZ
Hail snow and night fog join'd their forceA2
Bewildering rider and his horseA2
Dismay'd perplext the road they crostL
And in the dubious maze were lostL
When glimmering through the vapours drearB
A taper shew'd a dwelling nearB
And guess our Merchant's glad surpriseB2
When a rich palace seemed to riseB2
As on he mov'd The knee be bentL
Thankful to Heaven then nearer wentL
But O how much his wonder grewB
When nothing living met his viewB
Entering a splendid hall he foundL
With every luxury aroundL
A blazing fire a plenteous boardL
A costly cellaret well stor'dL
All open'd wide as if to sayK
'Stranger refresh thee on thy way '-
The Merchant to the fire drew nearB
Deeming the owner would appearB
And pardon one who drench'd in rainH
Unask'd had ventured to remainH
The court yard clock had number'd sevenF
When first he came but when elevenF
Struck on his ear as mute he sateL
It sounded like the knoll of FateL
And yet so hungry was he grownC2
He pick'd a capon to the boneC2
And as choice wines before him stoodL
He needs must taste if they were goodL
So much he felt his spirits cheer'dL
The more he drank the less he fear'dL
Now bolder grown he pac'd alongD2
Still hoping he might do no wrongD2
When entering at a gilded doorB
High rais'd upon a sumptuous floorB
A sofa shew'd all Persia's prideL
And each magnificence besideL
So down at once the Merchant layK
Tir'd with the wonders of the dayK
But had it been a rushy bedL
Tuck'd in the corner of a shedL
With no less joy had it been press'dL
The good man pray'd and sank to restL
Nor woke he till the noon of dayK
And as he thus enchanted layK
'Now for my storm sopp'd clothes ' he criesB2
When lo a suit complete he spiesB2
'Yes 'tis all fairy work no doubtL
'By gentle Pity brought about '-
Tenfold when risen amazement grewB
For bursting on his gazing viewB
Instead of snow he saw fair bowersE2
In all the pride of summer flowersE2
Entering again the hall beholdL
Serv'd up in silver pearl and goldL
A breakfast form'd of all things rareB
As if Queen Mab herself were thereB
As now he past with spirits gayK
A shower of Roses strew'd the wayK
E'en to his hand the branches bentL
'One of these boughs I go contentL
'Beauty dear Beauty thy requestL
'If I may bear away I'm blest '-
The Merchant pull'd the branches brokeF2
A hideous growling while he spokeF2
Assail'd his startled ears and thenG2
A frightful Beast as from a denG2
Rushing to view exclaimed 'IngrateL
'That stolen branch has seal'd thy fateL
'All that my castle own'd was thineH2
'My food my fire my bed my wineH2
'Thou robb'st my Rose trees in returnI2
'For this base Plunderer thou shalt mourn '-
'My Lord I swear upon my kneesJ2
'I did not mean to harm your treesJ2
'But a lov'd Daughter fair as springK2
'Intreated me a Rose to bringK2
'O didst thou know my lord the Maid '-
'I am no Lord ' Beast angry saidL
'And so no flattery but knowL2
'If on your oath before you goL2
'Within three wasted Moons you hereB
'Cause that lov'd Daughter to appearB
'And visit Beast a volunteerB
'To suffer for thee thou mayest liveM2
'Speak not do this and I forgive '-
Mute and deprest the Merchant fledL
Unhappy traveller evil spedL
Beauty was first her sire to meetL
Springing impatient from her seatL
Her Brothers next assembled roundL
Her straying Sisters soon were foundL
While yet the Father fondly press'dL
The Child of Duty to his BreastL
'Accept these Roses ill starr'd MaidL
'For thee thy Father's life is paid '-
The Merchant told the tale of BeastL
And loud lamentings when he ceas'dL
From both the jealous Sisters brokeF2
As thus with taunting rage they spokeF2
'And so thou kill'st thy Father MissN2
'Proud sinful creature heardst thou thisN2
'We only wish'd a few new clothesO2
'Beauty forsooth must have her RoseX
'Yet harden'd Wretch her eyes are dryB
'Tho' for her Pride our Sire must die '-
'Die Not for worlds ' exclaim'd the MaidL
'Beast kindly will take me insteadL
'And O a thousand deaths I'd proveP2
'To shew my Father how I love '-
The Brothers cried 'Let us awayK
'We'll perish or the Monster slay '-
'Vain hope my gen'rous Sons his powerB
'Can troops of men and horse devourB
'Your offer Beauty moves my soulQ2
'But no man can his fate controulQ2
'Mine was the fault you Love are freeB
'And mine the punishment shall be '-
Beauty was firm the Sire caress'dL
Again his Darling to his breastL
With blended love and awe survey'dL
And each good Brother blest the MaidL
Three months elaps'd her Father's heartL
Heav'd high as she prepar'd to partL
The Sisters try'd a tear to forceA2
While Beauty smil'd as she took horseA2
Yet smil'd thro' many a generous tearB
To find the parting moment nearB
And just as evening's shades came onR2
The splendid Palace courB

Charles Lamb


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