With A Nantucket Shell Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I SEND thee a shell from the ocean beachA
But listen thou well for my shell hath speechA
Hold to thine earB
And plain thou lt hearB
Tales of shipsC
That were lost in the ripsC
Or that sunk on shoalsD
Where the bell buoy tollsD
And ever and ever its iron tongue rollsD
In a ceaseless lament for the poor lost soulsD
And a song of the seaE
Has my shell for theeE
The melody in itF
Was hummed at WauwinetF
And caught at CoatueF
By the gull that flewG
Outside to the ship with its perishing crewG
But the white wings waveH
Where none may saveH
And there s never a stone to mark a graveH
See its sad heart bleedsI
For the sailors needsI
But it bleeds againJ
For more mortal painK
More sorrow and woeL
Than is theirs who goL
With shuddering eyes and whitening lipsC
Down in the sea on their shattered shipsC
Thou fearest the seaE
And a tyrant is heE
A tyrant as cruel as tyrant may beE
But though winds fierce blowL
And the rocks lie lowL
And the coast be leeE
This I say to theeE
Of Christian souls more have been wrecked on shoreM
Than ever were lost at seaE

Charles Harper Webb


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