The Undying One - Canto Ii Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'YEARS pass'd away in grief and IA
For her dear sake whose heart could feel no moreB
The sweetness and the witchery of loveC
Which round my spirit such deep charm had woveD
And the dim twilight and the noonday skyA
The fountain's music the rich brilliancyE
Of Nature in her summer all becameF
To me a joyless world an empty nameF
And the heart's beating and the flush'd fond thoughtG
Of human sympathy no longer broughtG
The glow of joy to this o'er wearied breastH
Where hope like some tired pilgrim sank to restH
The forms of beauty which my pathway cross'dI
Seem'd but dim visions of my loved and lostI
Floating before me to arouse in vainJ
Deep yearnings for what might not come againK
Tears without aim or end and lonely sighsE
To which earth's echoes only gave repliesE
And I departed once again to beL
Roaming the desert earth and trackless seaL
Amongst men but not with them still aloneM
Mid crowds unnamed unnoticed and unknownM
I wander'd on and the loud shout went forthN
Of Liberty from all the peopled worldO
Like a dark watch word breathing south and northN
Where'er the green turf grew or billow curl'dO
And when I heard it something human stirr'dP
Within my miserable breast and loQ
With the wild struggling of a captive birdP
My strong soul burst its heavy chain of woeQ
I rose and battled with the great and braveR
Dared the dark fight upon the stormy waveR
From the swarth climes where sunshine loves to restH
To the green islands of the chilly westH
Where'er a voice was raised in Freedom's nameF
There sure and swift my eager footstep cameF
And bright dreams fired my soul How sweet will beL
To me the hour of burning victoryL
When the oppressor ceaseth to oppressE
And this sad name the tortured nations blessE
When tyranny beneath my sword shall bendS
And the freed earth shall turn and own me for her friendS
Where Rome's proud eagle which is now a nameF
Spread forth its wings of glory to the skyA
And young warm hearts that dreamt of deathless fameF
Woke from that dream to gaze around and dieA
Where the pale crescent gleam'd athwart the cloudT
Of men array'd to perish in their prideU
And the harsh note of war rang wild and loudT
To urge the course of that impetuous tideU
Where Spain's dark banner o'er the castle wallsE
Heavily floats upon the mournful breezeE
And firmly sad the measured footstep fallsE
Of him who dreams of home in scenes like theseE
Where steep'd in bitter tears and guiltless bloodV
The lily flag of France droops sadly downW
Where England's lion o'er the heaving floodV
Boastfully flutters in its proud renownW
Ev'n where her sister island dimly rearsE
Though all the freshness from its hue be goneX
Her verdant standard from a land of tearsE
While there are winds in heaven to waft it onY
'Neath these and many more than these my armZ
Hath wielded desperately the avenging steelA2
And half exulting in the awful charmZ
Which hung upon my life forgot to feelA2
'I fought and conquer'd and when all was doneB2
How fared misfortune's persecuted sonB2
The dim days pass'd away and left me loneM
The tyrant and the slave alike were goneX
The indignant eyes that flash'd their wrath afarC2
The swords that glitter'd through the cloudy warB
The swelling courage of the manly breastH
The iron hand whose strength the weak oppress'dH
The shouting voices in the deadly frayD2
The jest and song that made ev'n camps seem gayD2
The sounds the forms the feelings which had madeE2
Those scenes in which my feet so long had stray'dE2
Where and what are they now a bitter dreamF2
Lit by a meteor like delusive gleamF2
Freedom thou art indeed a dream a brightG2
And beautiful a vision of pure lightG2
Pour'd on our earth clad spirits from aboveC
Where all are equals and where all is loveC
But yet no less a dream Where is the landH2
Which for the ploughshare hath exchanged the brandH2
And been at peace for ever Is there notI2
A war with all things in our changeful lotI2
A war with Heaven a war with our own soulsE
Where stormily the sea of passion rollsE
Wrecking each better feeling which doth strainJ
For liberty and wrings our hearts to painJ
The war of fallen spirits with their sinJ2
The terrible war which rageth deep withinJ2
Lo there the cause of all the strife belowQ
Which makes God's world a wilderness of woeQ
Ye dream and dream and dream from day to dayD2
And bleed and fight and struggle and decayD2
And with high sounding mockeries beguileK2
Natures that sink and sicken all the whileK2
Whither are the old kings and conquerors goneX
Where are the empires lost the empires wonB2
Look from the classic lands whose fallen prideU
Is fain to summon strangers to their sideU
Where with weak wail they call themselves oppress'dH
Who if unchain'd would still be slaves at bestH
To far across the dim and lonely seaL
Where the thrice conquer'd styles herself 'the free '-
How many generations now are pastL2
Since the first war cry rose and when will be the lastL2
Yet is there freedom in a distant climeF2
Where freedom dwelleth to the end of timeF2
And peace and joy and ignorance of fearM2
And happiness but oh not here not hereN2
Not in this world of darkness and of gravesE
Where the strong govern and the weak are slavesE
Thou whose full heart would dream of libertyL
Go out beneath the solitary skyA
In its blue depth of midnight stand and gazeE
While the stars pour on thee their gentle raysE
And image if thou canst unto thy soulO2
A little part of the most wondrous wholeO2
Of all that lies beyond there no dark strifeP2
Destroys the creatures of the God of LifeP2
There no ambition to be made more greatQ2
Turns the pure love of brothers into hateQ2
Each hath his place assign'd him like the starsE
Up in the silent sky where nothing warsE
''Twas on a battle plain here in thine ownM
Sweet land of sunshine that I paused to markR2
The heaps of slaughter'd heroes now o'erthrownM
Whose helpless corpses lay all stripp'd and starkR2
'Twas in the time when Moorish blood first mix'dS2
With haughty Spain's and on her spotless nameF2
The dint and brand of slavery affix'dS2
And blood was spilt to reap eternal shameF2
The useless struggle ended on that dayD2
And round about Grenada's walls there layD2
Many and many a brave young bosom goredT2
By the rude spear or deeply thrusting swordT2
And silence was upon that fatal fieldU2
Save when to nature's anguish forced to yieldU2
Some fallen soldier heaved a broken sighA
For his far home and turn'd him round to dieA
Or when the wailing voice of woman toldV2
That her long weary search was not in vainM
And she had found the bosom stiff and coldV2
Where her soft clustering curls had often lainM
'Twas one of these that burst upon my earN2
While watching on that field the wind harp's toneM
Was not more mournful nor more sweetly clearM2
Than was the sound of that sad woman's moanM
Through the dim moonlight I beheld a formF2
Her dark brow clouded with grief's passionate stormF2
And on her breast an infant calmly sleptW2
Which she would pause to gaze on and againM
With bitterness renew'd she loudly weptW2
And call'd on its dead father but in vainM
'My early and my only love why silent dost thou lieA
When heavy grief is in my heart and tear drops in mine eyeA
I call thee but thou answerest not all lonely though I beL
Wilt thou not burst the bonds of sleep and rise to comfort meL
' Oh wake thee wake thee from thy rest upon the tented fieldU2
This faithful breast shall be at once thy pillow and thy shieldU2
If thou hast doubted of its truth and constancy beforeB
Oh wake thee now and it will strive to love thee even moreB
'If ever we have parted and I wept thee not as nowM
If ever I have seen thee come and worn a cloudy browM
If ever harsh and careless words have caused thee pain and woeQ
Then sleep in silence sleep and I will boQ

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton


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