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Carmen Electra Books, Carmen Electra poetry book Carmen Perrin interviewed by Hervé Gauville Authors: Carmen Perrin, Hervé Gauville, Galerie Guy Bärtschi
Published Date: 2006
Entretien entre Hervé Gauville et Carmen Perrin. Carmen Perrin est née en 1953 à La Paz, en Bolivie. Elle a enseigné à L'Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Genève de 1988 à 2004. Elle travaille actuellement à Genève, après avoir occupé successivement un atelier à Marseille (1986-1996), et à Londres (1993-1995).

Carmen Electra Books, Carmen Electra poetry book The Writer's Reference Guide to Spanish Authors: David William Foster, Daniel Altamiranda, Carmen de Urioste
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Published Date: 2010-06-28
Categories: Foreign Language Study
Writers and editors of Spanish have long needed an authoritative guide to written language usage, similar to The MLA Style Manual and The Chicago Manual of Style. And here it is! This reference guide provides comprehensive information on how the Spanish language is copyedited for publication. The book covers these major areas: Language basics: capitalization, word division, spelling, and punctuation. Language conventions: abbreviations, professional and personal titles, names of organizations, and nationalities. Bibliographic format, particularly how Spanish differs from English. Spanish language forms of classical authors' names. Literary and grammatical terminology. Linguistic terminology. Biblical names and allusions. A dictionary of grammatical doubts, including usage, grammatical constructions of particular words and phrases, verbal irregularities, and gender variations.

Carmen Electra Books, Carmen Electra poetry book Goodbars I Found, 1774-1978 Authors: Carmen E. Clark
Published Date: 1980
Joseph Goodbar (d. 1835) emigrated from England in 1770. He married Nancy Agnes (Harvey?) in Pennsylvania. They moved to Rockbridge County, Virginia where their four children were reared. Descendants lived in Virginia, Ohio, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, Arizona and elsewhere.

Carmen Electra Books, Carmen Electra poetry book Robert Wilson Authors: Miguel Morey, Carmen Pardo, Robert Wilson
Publisher: Poligrafa Ediciones Sa
Published Date: 2003
Categories: Art
Stage director Robert Wilson has devoted himself to the integration of elements from a range of creative fields into the realm of theater. Light and movement have played an especially central role in his productions, not only as compositional elements but as symbolic features. In this publication, his wildly creative, discipline-crossing oeuvre is approached through a framework of five suggestive sections: "The Deaf Man's Gaze," "The Automaton's Freedom," "What Marlene Dietrich Knew," "The Prisms of Silence" and "The Theater in Infinite Space." 160 images

Carmen Electra Books, Carmen Electra poetry book Called to Serve Authors: Carmen L. Lewis
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Published Date: 2013-02-28
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Called to Serve is a biography about Gerald Austin Beasley and Clara Pauline Smith, my dad and mom. Both grew up in different rural areas of Oklahoma during the Great Depression on farms where they worked hard with their families. They met at Oklahoma A&M in Stillwater and then married after Dad was conscripted into the army. While Dad served in the European front during World War II, Mom taught school in rural southwest Oklahoma. After the war, Dad prepared for ministry; then served in churches of Christ in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Montana.

Carmen Electra Books, Carmen Electra poetry book Scattering the Ashes Authors: María del Carmen Boza
Publisher: Bilingual Press
Published Date: 1998
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
"Scattering The Ashes" is a book about exile, about Cuba and her offspring, and about the power of history and politics over Cubans' daily lives. Maria del Carmen Boza tells that shared history through the private story of a family living and adapting awkwardly to an alien land, with, according to Howard Norman, "unmitigated integrity, beauty, courage and passion."

Carmen Electra Books, Carmen Electra poetry book Kissing the Mango Tree Authors: Carmen Socorro Rivera, Rivera, Carmen Socorro Rivera
Publisher: Arte Publico Press
Published Date: 2002
Categories: Literary Collections
Cultural Writing. Latino/Latina Studies. Feminist Studies. Pioneering novelist and short-story writer Nicholasa Mohr broke onto the literary scene of ethnic autobiography in the early 1970s, but it took another decade for other Nuyorican women to follow the path that she cut. KISSING THE MANGO TREE is the first and only book to examine the works of the most popular Puerto Rican women writers from the perspective of feminist literary criticism. In separate chapters devoted to such writers as Judith Ortiz Cofer, Sandra MarAAa Esteves, Nicholasa Mohr and Esmeralda Santiago, Rivera locates their works within the framework of feminist theory and literature, seeing them as "women with macho asserting their powers to record their own versions of their memories, to own their own bodies." This groundbreaking study is accompanied by a complete bibliography of the six writers' works and secondary sources of feminist, Latino and ethno-poetic criticism and theory.

Carmen Electra Books, Carmen Electra poetry book Re-Thinking Character in the Theatre of the Absurd Authors: Carmen Dominte
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Published Date: 2020-09-23
Categories: Literary Criticism
Using the character as a central element, this volume provides insights into the Theatre of the Absurd, highlighting its specific key characteristics. Adopting both semiotic-structuralist and mathematical approaches, its analysis of the absurdist character introduces new models of investigation, including a possible algebraic model operating on the scenic, dramatic and paradigmatic level of a play, not only exploring the relations, configurations, confrontations, functions and situations but also providing necessary information for a possible geometric model. The book also takes into consideration the relations established among the most important units of a dramatic work, character, cue, décor and régie, re-configuring the basic pattern. It will be useful for any reader interested in analyzing, staging or writing a play starting from a single character.

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