Dream Girl Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You will come one day in a waver of loveA
Tender as dew impetuous as rainB
The tan of the sun will be on your skinC
The purr of the breeze in your murmuring speechD
You will pose with a hill flower graceE
You will come with your slim expressive armsF
A poise of the head no sculptor has caughtG
And nuances spoken with shoulder and neckH
Your face in a pass and repass of moodsI
As many as skies in delicate changeJ
Of cloud and blue and flimmering sunK
You may not come O girl of a dreamM
We may but pass as the world goes byN
And take from a look of eyes into eyesO
A film of hope and a memoried dayP

Carl Sandburg


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