Brass Keys Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A B C D E

JOY weaving two violet petals for a coat lapel painting on a slab of night sky a Christ face slipping new brass keys into rusty iron locks and shouldering till at last the door gives and we are in a new room forever and ever violet petals slabs the Christ face brass keys and new roomsA
are we near or far is there anything else who comes back and why does love ask nothing and give all and why is love rare as a tailed comet shaking guesses out of men at telescopes ten feet long why does the mystery sit with its chin on the lean forearm of women in gray eyes and women in hazel eyesB
are any of these less proud less important than a cross examining lawyer are any of these less perfect than the front page of a morning newspaperC
the answers are not computed and attested in the back of an arithmetic for the verifications of the lazyD
there is no authority in the phone book for us to call and ask the why the wherefore and the howbeit it's a riddle by GodE

Carl Sandburg


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