In Prison Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I cried out for the pain of manA
I cried out for my bitter wrathB
Against the hopeless life that ranA
For ever in a circling pathB
From death to death since all beganA
Till on a summer nightC
I lost my way in the pale starlightC
And saw our planet far and smallD
Through endless depths of nothing fallD
A lonely pin prick spark of lightC
Upon the wide enfolding nightC
With leagues on leagues of stars above itE
And powdered dust of stars belowF
Dead things that neither hate nor love itE
Not even their own loveliness can knowF
Being but cosmic dust and deadG
And if some tears be shedG
Some evil God have powerH
Some crown of sorrow sitE
Upon a little world for a little hourH
Who shall remember Who shall care for itE

C. S. Lewis


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