Way To Go Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


She was born in the hillsA
dotted with villages quiet and smallB
Her village was breathtakingly beautifulC
With a scenic landscapeD
A free flowing humming riverE
And a little noisy waterfallB
In such a divine backdropF
No wonderE
She lived a free soul's blissful human lifeG
From birth till her marriageH
To an equally free spirited manI
My grandpaJ
Yes she was my grandmaJ
My DadiK
They lived a long happy life togetherE
A year long associationL
But for any pain or sorrowM
There was hardly an occasionL
Till much after my grandpa's demiseN
Dadi then well into her seventies was still firmly in her zoneO
Until we all thought she couldn't be left aloneO
Any moreP
So she was shifted to our house hereQ
In the cityK
For her due careR
For about a decade she shared with me her room as well as her experiences back homeS
Hardly was there a dayK
When she had nothing to sayK
about her villageT
And implicitly the price she had to payK
To stay awayK
She yearned for her villageT
As she felt suffocated in the city like a bird in cageU
On one such occasion she confided in me that she felt lovelyK
But quite lonelyK
Without DadaK
Who she thought was waiting for her in the villageT
And that she wanted to take her last breath thereR
So papa was persuaded to make a family trip to the villageT
It was a relative's marriageH
The whole village gathered under the moonlightK
Full of fun and frolic the celebrations went all through the nightK
There was musicV
There was soundK
And a happy Dadi kept dancing aroundK
As she went to sleep laterE
She asked for a glass of waterE
Drank it and sleptK
Never to be awake thereafterE
We all were left dazed and amazed wonderingW
What a splendid spell of lifeG
What a way to liveX
What a way to goM

C K Rawat
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/19/2019


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Rajni Rawat: Wonderful poem about thoughts ,feelings , emotion and love for Dadi...UNFORGETABLE !!!

CKRawat: It is abt your Dadi only, Bhai Sahab. Renu and I wrote it together.
Sudhir: Awesome ! Very beautiful and simple way of describing life and aspirations of your Dadi. It brings out memories of my Dadi. Nice way to remember. Well done.
Manali Bhatt: This poem just took me to that era..
Beautiful life described in beautiful words.
Mo Az: Seems your Dadi loved your dada a lot , and I hope their journey of love continues on the other side. Very beautiful and vivid. Love the emotions. Do go through some of mine when you get some time ;)

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